About Channel 4 News

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Engaging news and analysis for people who want to know ‘why?’

The issues you care about, brought to life, by experts you know, trust and like.

Channel 4 News is committed to challenging expectations with stories that reveal and inspire, innovatively produced – with just a touch of mischief.

A passionate pursuit of the truth, a spotlight on injustice – News that’s on your side.

A news programme like no other…

On seven nights a week since 1989, the programme reflects a commitment to:

  • Telling you what they don’t want you to know
  • Asking the questions you want answered
  • Being in touch with your lives & what matters to you
  • Exposing injustice
  • Holding to account
  • Seeing it & showing it differently
  • Applying a healthy mix of scepticism, humour and mischief

Since its launch, the programme has been regularly awarded by the Royal Television Society, BAFTA, the International Emmys, Broadcast, Amnesty International and One World Media for its home news stories, extensive foreign coverage and team of experienced presenters, editors, correspondents and reporters.

Channel 4 News is made for Channel 4 by ITN. The editor is Esme Wren. Deputy Editor is Laura Wilshaw. Managing Editor is Ed Fraser.

Channel 4 is a publicly-owned and commercially-funded UK public service broadcaster, with a statutory remit to deliver high-quality, innovative, alternative content that challenges the status quo.

Supporting the independent sector…

No news programme in the UK commissions more independent filmmakers than Channel 4 News. In line with Channel 4’s commitment to supporting the independent sector, both lone film-makers and larger production companies have an opportunity to showcase their work on the evening bulletin and at Channel 4 News Online.

Contact Louise Turner to find out more about the Film Fund.

Engaging online…

Proving that depth can be done online, channel4.com/news is the home of the day’s most important news bolstered by specialist insight and expert commentary.

FactCheck seeks the truth behind claims made by those in public office. The blog has been commended for its statistical integrity and is frequently cited in the House of Commons.