17 Oct 2021

2045: Water Wars: Death on the Nile #OurClimateFutures

This video is part of Our Climate Futures – a project which takes real science to forecast what impacts and changes humanity may face as the climate crisis unfolds. This is not a news story. At least not yet.

The year is 2045 and as carbon emissions rise unabated, water and other resources are becoming increasingly scarce – fuelling conflicts over who controls them.

The more climate change alters the world’s physics and chemistry, the more it transforms the different layers and dynamics of human society.

The idea that this will lead to increased conflict is complicated, as so many factors intersect to determine war and national security.

But the UN is clear that increasing conflict is at least a risk of increasing climate change, if not a certainty.

In this video, we look at an area of north east Africa which already suffers from drought and water insecurity, and imagine what may happen in a hotter, more unstable future.

Watch the video above to hear from experts on the science behind the story. Or find out more about Our Climate Futures here.