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post 24 June 2016
Read more from Siobhan Kennedy Brexit: memories of the great financial crash

It felt like a Lehman moment. A referendum result spiralling out of control.

article 24 June 2016 UK
Cameron announces resignation as UK votes to leave EU

David Cameron says he will stand down as Prime Minister as the UK votes to leave the European Union, while Scotland's First Minister says a second independence referendum is "highly likely".

article 23 February 2016 UK
EU exit would damage economy, say top bosses

Heads of more than a third of the country's biggest businesses are supporting Britain's continued membership of the EU ahead of the June referendum.

post 26 November 2015
Read more on Gary Gibbon's blog Has Osborne's Autumn Statement moved him to left of Vince Cable?

Mr Osborne's newly announced plans to scale back cuts and raise taxes brings him in line with policy positions promoted by his Lib Dem coalition partners during the last parliament.

article 25 November 2015 UK
George Osborne scraps controversial tax credit reforms

In a surprise move, the Chancellor tells MPs that his much-criticised plans to cut tax credits to working families are to be abandoned entirely.

article 12 November 2015 World, India
Modi visit: praise and protest as Indian PM arrives in UK

The arrival of Narendra Modi, leader of the world's largest democracy, is described by David Cameron as a "historic opportunity". But protesters condemn his record on free speech and human rights.

post 07 August 2015
Read more from Siobhan Kennedy Was the Governor flip-flopping on interest rates?

Mark Carney is saying that in order to stop inflation overshooting the target, we might have to start raising rates more quickly or more steeply than yesterday's report would imply.

post 09 June 2015
Read more from Siobhan Kennedy Will Osborne back down over HSBC's bank levy concerns?

The timing of today┐s HSBC announcement couldn┐t be any more convenient - and there are signs that George Osborne may respond in a way that will please the bank.

post 04 June 2015
Read more on Gary Gibbon's blog No 10's media machine tightens its grip

George Osborne will speak on the economic task ahead today, just as the OECD suggests he might consider easing off. Don't expect that to be the tone of his remarks though.