post 09 July 2014
Read more from Jon on Snowblog Child abuse, cover-ups and public schools

The NSPCC has finally said that turning a blind eye to child abuse should be a criminal offence - and they are right to include public schools.

article 27 June 2014 UK
Oldknow Academy (Getty Images)
Darshna Soni by 'Trojan horse' schools launch 'kids first' campaign

Parents and governors from schools rated "inadequate" by Ofsted in the "Trojan horse" investigation met this week to launch a new campaign. But star of the show was a five-year-old boy called Ben.

article 18 June 2014 UK
White working-class pupils 'unseen' & underperforming

White working-class pupils perform worse in their GCSEs than any other ethnic group. Now a new report from MPs says that a longer school day will help improve their academic results.

article 17 June 2014 UK
Goodbye, Mr Chips? Gove rations fatty food in schools

The government is cracking down on fatty and sweet foods in schools, allowing pupils just two portions each week, while milk will once again be introduced during the school day.

article 12 June 2014 UK
OldKnow Academy in Birmingham (credit: Getty Images)
Darshna Soni by 'Trojan horse' public meeting: what did we learn?

"Muslim values are British values" declared the posters around the hall as parents, teachers and governors gathered at a hall in Small Heath, Birmingham, to discuss their response to Ofsted's report.

article 10 June 2014 UK
So what are #BritishValues?

Michael Gove's call for schools to promote "British values" has caused something of a stir on Twitter and Facebook. So what's the verdict? Here is our slightly unscientific attempt to find out.

article 09 June 2014 UK
Michael Gove: schools should 'promote British values'

Requiring schools to "promote British values" and introducing no-notice inspections, are just two of the measures Michael Gove wants to introduce to tackle extremism in schools.

video 07 June 2014 UK

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Passing on the privilege of public schools - video

A leading Tory says top public schools should give a quarter of their places to children from poorer families. We took him and his Labour opponent to one such school, Wellington College.

video 05 June 2014 UK

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'Trojan horse' schools: the pupils' voice - video

How do children from the Birmingham schools at the centre of allegations of an Islamic extremist take-over feel about the controversy? And are they too young for anti-radicalisation measures?