Paul Mason

Economics Editor
Paul Mason is Economics Editor at Channel 4 News.
Paul Mason is Economics Editor at Channel 4 News.

Paul Mason spent the first ten years of his working life as a professional musicologist. Then he switched to journalism, starting in local free-sheets before moving to Reed Business Information, in Surrey. As deputy editor of Computer Weekly he was part of a team that uncovered a series of IT disasters and controversies, including the role of software in the Chinook helicopter crash on the Mull of Kintyre. He became BBC Newsnight's business correspondent in 2001, making his first live appearance on 9/11, and economics editor in 2008.

He has been twice shortlisted for the Orwell Prize, won the Wincott Award for Business Journalism in 2003, the Diageo African Business Reporting Award in 2007, and was named the Royal Television Society's specialist reporter of the year in 2012 for his coverage of the economic crisis and social unrest in southern Europe.

His books include Why It's Kicking Off Everywhere - an account of the occupy movement and the Arab Spring, and the novel, Rare Earth, set in China. Paul covers culture, our digital life and the social and political controversies they generate.


post 28 June 2015
Greece referendum: did the euro just die at 4pm?

While the far left government will pose the referendum as a vote for or against austerity, the right will say it¿s an in-out vote for the single currency and the EU itself.

post 27 June 2015
Tsipras goes for referendum on 5 July

Greek PM Alexis Tsipras has just called a referendum on 5 July. This after spending most of the week locked in discussions with creditors...

post 24 June 2015
Greece: a deal nobody believes in

While the proposal has caused outrage among the Greek conservatives and outrage among Syriza's left-wing voters, the real problem is bigger.

post 23 June 2015
Greece: could debt deal be scuppered from above?

The level of pressure that's being exerted on Syriza right now, I don't think is enough to derail a deal from below.

post 22 June 2015
Why the words 'civil war' are no longer a joke in Greece

If today's Brussels talks fail, the Greek debt crisis could stop being a story about economics and become one of civil society, politics and the rule of law.

post 21 June 2015
Greece - five pictures of a troubled country

Ahead of a crucial meeting on the Greece debt crisis on Monday, Paul Mason presents a special long-read, offering five pictures of the country.

post 19 June 2015
Greek crisis: crunch time

The country will divide: right versus left - as it has been divided since British tanks rolled into Syntagma Square in 1944 to install former Nazi collaborators into office.

post 16 June 2015
Deal or turmoil: a guide to what's happening in Greece

With negotiations between Greece and its lenders stalled, but the differences amounting to around 0.6 per cent of Greek GDP, the stage is set for either a last-minute deal or a breakdown.

post 15 June 2015
Greek eurozone crisis: is time running out for Syriza?

The Greek crisis ramped up a gear last night when, at the start of supposed "last chance" talks in Brussels, EU negotiators told the Greek delegation that "negotiations were over".

post 12 June 2015
Gaza child deaths - the view from the shoreline

Today Israel has exonerated its military from any criminal charges relating to the action. It says they were playing in a "compound" clearly identified...

post 10 June 2015
Ethical drift: City to break with Jack Sparrow doctrine?

In "Pirates of Canary Wharf" that went on for years. It was un-ethical behaviour that "became the norm" - Mark Carney will say tonight.

post 08 June 2015
Greece is not Ireland - and it's not just about the economics

Why did Greece collapse and Ireland survive? First, because the Irish crisis was a banking crisis. And in Greece you can't impose austerity and hope modernise at the same time.

post 05 June 2015
Greece: will Alexis Tsipras wave a writ at Europe?

While Tsipras, Varoufakis and their negotiators have been trying to get the country's debt reduced via the IMF and ECB, Zoe Konstantopoulou has been working to get it declared invalid.

article 04 June 2015 World, Greece
Greece delays £300m payment to IMF

The break-up of the Eurozone will lead to the sort of "nationalisms" seen in the run up to the Second World War, Greece's top negotiator Euclid Tsakalotos tells Channel 4 News.

post 04 June 2015
Greece debt crisis: the unsustainable ultimatum

They came, they saw, they had ¿ as one Syriza MP put it to me last night ¿ ¿their balls handed to them¿. For all the smiling and calm displayed by Alexis Tsipras, the Greeks know they came off the wor

post 01 June 2015
Greece: a clod of earth worth saving?

There may be a technical get-out clause that allows Greece to wrap its four repayment dates to the IMF this month into one, but the IMF¿s own assessment is correct: Greece can't pay.

post 27 May 2015
Fifa arrests: why they'll worry big corporations

When US prosecutors say Fifa¿s execs have ¿corrupted global football¿, that will ring alarm bells in every global brand associated with football.

post 26 May 2015
Long term debt deal could break Greek logjam

Running short of cash to pay public sector salaries, pensions and debt obligations, Greece's Syriza has laid out what it will and will not negotiate with its creditors, but will it be enough?

post 25 May 2015
Spain, Poland and Greece: shudders in Europe's political foundations

Both in Spain and Poland, centrist pro-EU politics is falling victim to its association with a crony-ist elite and its failure to tell a convincing story to the young.