Liam Dutton

Weather Presenter
Liam Dutton is the Channel 4 News Weather Presenter

Forecaster Liam Dutton is Channel 4 News' first presenter dedicated to weather.

His brief incorporates analysis of UK and International weather along with issues related to climate change, health and food and the impact of weather on travel, finances and welfare.

Liam will have an important online role too, leading Channel 4 News' new weather website and using social media to discuss weather with viewers.

He started his career at the BBC Weather Centre (presenting his first forecast at just 22) and has since travelled the UK presenting for BBC nations and regions.

In 2006 he began presenting for national and international BBC outlets and most recently worked across BBC News, BBC World News, BBC Breakfast and Radio 4's Today programme.


post 28 May 2015
El Nino's influence: more Pacific hurricanes likely this year

Yesterday, the National Hurricane Center issued its eastern Pacific hurricane outlook, saying that thereżs a 70 per cent chance of an above-normal number of storms this year - largely due to El Nino.

post 26 May 2015
A stronger El Nino: what does this mean for global weather?

The latest predictions from climate models suggest that a moderate to strong El Nino is on the cards in the coming months. But what could this mean for global weather?

post 22 May 2015
Bank holiday weather: rain or shine?

The second bank holiday weekend of the month is imminent and many of us will no doubt be wondering what the weather has to offer.

post 20 May 2015
Weather explained: yesterday's thunderstorms in pictures

Whilst the drenching downpours may not have been welcomed by those of us caught out and soaked, they did offer some stunning cloud pictures that were sent to me on Twitter.

post 19 May 2015
What's going on with May's weather?

Yet again today, many of us have been dodging the downpours at a time of the year when weżd normally expect the weather to be perking up.

post 15 May 2015
Any signs of summer yet?

There's no doubt in any of our minds that May's weather has so far has been a disappointment. But are there any signs of summer-like warmth soon?

post 11 May 2015
Ever wondered how cloudy earth is at any one time?

From the cuteness of a fluffy white cumulus to the scary, menacing aura of a towering dark cumulonimbus, each cloud paints its own picture. But typically, how cloudy is our planet at any one time?

post 06 May 2015
Polling day: will the weather get in the way?

This time round, it seems that predicting the weather will be a much easier job than predicting the outcome of the election, as the party leaders have their last-minute push of campaigning.

post 05 May 2015
We've just had the sunniest April on record

Today, the Met Office announced that we've just had the sunniest April on record, with 212 hours of sunshine across the UK - seven hours more than the previous record, set in 1942.

post 01 May 2015
Bank holiday weather: 10 things you need to know

The bank holiday is fast approaching and thereżs no doubt that the weather will be at the front of our minds when making plans. Here are 10 things you need to know about the bank holiday weather.

post 27 April 2015
Spring? The temperature dropped to -8C last night

Near record-breaking cold was experienced in Northern Ireland last night. Is the recent sunshine and warmth going to return anytime soon?

post 23 April 2015
Five stunning images of earth from space this month

There have been some stunning images of our planet from space so far this month, captured Nasa satellites, so I thought Iżd pull together the best ones and share them with you.

article 21 April 2015 World, Australia
Australia storm damage
Australia storms kill three

Stormy weather in New South Wales has killed three people and left a trail of damage and destruction - including in Sydney and the surrounding area.

post 13 April 2015
A taste of summer this week!

On Tuesday and Wednesday, southern parts of the UK will experience levels of warmth that wouldnżt look out of place on a summerżs day, let alone spring.

post 10 April 2015
UK air pollution: why so high?

Being an island, the cause of air pollution in the UK is rarely straightforward - often coming from a variety of sources.

post 08 April 2015
10 pictures that prove spring has sprung

When spring has sprung, pictures do a much better job than words of telling the story, so I thought Iżd gather some images that will definitely put a spring in your step!

post 01 April 2015
This is what a 160mph super typhoon looks like from space

When it comes to weather, there are times when only the view from space can illustrate just how amazing atmospheric phenomena can be.

post 30 March 2015
60mph gales to start the week

The weather is going to stay lively for the next few days, with no intention of making a step in the direction of spring, let alone summer.

post 25 March 2015
March weather: in like a lion, out like a lion

The weather has never been one to conform to our ideals and often throws in a curve ball, just when we were thinking that weżd left the grimness of winter behind.