Liam Dutton

Weather Presenter
Liam Dutton is the Channel 4 News Weather Presenter

Forecaster Liam Dutton is Channel 4 News' first presenter dedicated to weather.

His brief incorporates analysis of UK and International weather along with issues related to climate change, health and food and the impact of weather on travel, finances and welfare.

Liam will have an important online role too, leading Channel 4 News' new weather website and using social media to discuss weather with viewers.

He started his career at the BBC Weather Centre (presenting his first forecast at just 22) and has since travelled the UK presenting for BBC nations and regions.

In 2006 he began presenting for national and international BBC outlets and most recently worked across BBC News, BBC World News, BBC Breakfast and Radio 4's Today programme.


post 27 January 2015
Snow and a bitter wind to end the week

Cold, arctic air will flood southwards across the whole of the UK in the coming days, bringing not only a bitter wind but the threat of snow.

post 26 January 2015
US blizzard: potentially historic snowfall for north east

The north east of the US is bracing itself for a blizzard that is being described as 'potentially historic', with as much as 2-3 feet of snow falling between Monday and Wednesday.

post 21 January 2015
Five stunning images of earth from space

As we go about our daily lives on the ground, satellites orbit our planet, capturing detailed images of how the earth's surface is changing over time.

post 15 January 2015
A week of cold to follow the storm

Once the current storm moves away through Thursday night, it will open the gates to cold arctic air from the north into the weekend.

post 14 January 2015
Gales and heavy rain to follow snow and ice

The weather has taken the UK on a bit of a rollercoaster ride during the last week, with heavy rain and severe gales, interspersed with snow and ice.

post 13 January 2015
Snow expected - even for southern UK

The next 24 hours will see some wintry weather across the UK, with snow possible over southern parts of the UK too.

post 12 January 2015
Severe gales and snow threaten travel disruption this week

Another week of turbulent weather lies ahead for the UK, with severe gales and snow bringing the potential for travel disruption. But will you be affected?

post 09 January 2015
Scotland storm: why so powerful?

A vigorous area of low pressure passed just to the north of Scotland last night, bringing hurricane-force winds. But why was the storm so powerful?

post 07 January 2015
Stormy end to the week for northern UK

For the end of the week two potent storms will pass just to the north of the UK - one during Thursday night, quickly followed by another on Friday night.

post 05 January 2015
Rain and gales expected later this week

After a spell of colder weather to close 2014, the coming days will see a powerful jet stream send some deep areas of low pressure head our way.

post 02 January 2015
Powerful jet stream to bring wet and windy start to 2015

The start of 2015 looks to deliver some very unsettled weather, caused by a powerful jet stream over the Atlantic ocean.

post 31 December 2014
Weather for new year's eve celebrations

As the clock strikes midnight later, hundreds of thousands will be taking to the streets to celebrate the beginning of a new year. But what will the weather deliver?

post 23 December 2014
Will the Alps get any snow soon?

In what is being described as the worst start to the Alpine ski season in recent memory, a lack of snow has affected skiing in France, Switzerland and Austria.

post 19 December 2014
The year that we didn't have to dream about snow at Christmas

Even though snow will be in short supply this Christmas, we don't have to look too far back to find a Christmas that delivered the goods.

video 17 December 2014 World, Japan

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Snowstorm hits northern Japan - video

Heavy snow and damaging winds have battered Hokkaido in northern Japan. Up to 70cm of snow has fallen, with wind gusts around 80mph, cancelling 420 flights and leaving thousands without electricity.

post 16 December 2014
California rain nibbling away at exceptional drought

California, a state hit hard by exceptional drought, is finally receiving some welcome rainfall, bringing hope that this winter will see its fortunes change.

post 15 December 2014
Will we have to dream about a white Christmas?

There's no doubt that many of us dream at the prospect of having snow on Christmas day to add to the festive mood, but will it snow this Christmas?

post 10 December 2014
UK storm as seen from space

A look from space at the stormy weather that's hitting northern parts of the UK, along with when the severe gales are expected to ease.

post 09 December 2014
Ten things you need to know about Wednesday's weather bomb

As the UK braces for severe gales on Wednesday, I've pulled together 10 things you need to know about Wednesday's stormy weather.