Liam Dutton

Weather Presenter
Liam Dutton is the Channel 4 News Weather Presenter

Forecaster Liam Dutton is Channel 4 News' first presenter dedicated to weather.

His brief incorporates analysis of UK and International weather along with issues related to climate change, health and food and the impact of weather on travel, finances and welfare.

Liam will have an important online role too, leading Channel 4 News' new weather website and using social media to discuss weather with viewers.

He started his career at the BBC Weather Centre (presenting his first forecast at just 22) and has since travelled the UK presenting for BBC nations and regions.

In 2006 he began presenting for national and international BBC outlets and most recently worked across BBC News, BBC World News, BBC Breakfast and Radio 4's Today programme.


post 19 December 2014
The year that we didn't have to dream about snow at Christmas

Even though snow will be in short supply this Christmas, we don't have to look too far back to find a Christmas that delivered the goods.

video 17 December 2014 World, Japan

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Snowstorm hits northern Japan - video

Heavy snow and damaging winds have battered Hokkaido in northern Japan. Up to 70cm of snow has fallen, with wind gusts around 80mph, cancelling 420 flights and leaving thousands without electricity.

post 16 December 2014
California rain nibbling away at exceptional drought

California, a state hit hard by exceptional drought, is finally receiving some welcome rainfall, bringing hope that this winter will see its fortunes change.

post 15 December 2014
Will we have to dream about a white Christmas?

There's no doubt that many of us dream at the prospect of having snow on Christmas day to add to the festive mood, but will it snow this Christmas?

post 10 December 2014
UK storm as seen from space

A look from space at the stormy weather that's hitting northern parts of the UK, along with when the severe gales are expected to ease.

post 09 December 2014
Ten things you need to know about Wednesday's weather bomb

As the UK braces for severe gales on Wednesday, I've pulled together 10 things you need to know about Wednesday's stormy weather.

post 08 December 2014
Stormy weather midweek: winds up to 80mph expected

A spell of stormy weather is expected to hit the UK during Wednesday into Thursday. Northern areas at risk from severe gales, with wind gusts of up to 80mph possible.

post 01 December 2014
Turning colder, but will there be snow?

Today marks the start of meteorological winter and it seems as though the weather has taken note, with a colder feel for all of us this week.

video 28 November 2014 World, Australia

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Golf ball-size hail in Australia storm - video

A storm tore through Brisbane on Thursday, uprooting trees and ripping roofs off homes. Hail the size of golf balls fell, 12 people were injured and 83,000 homes left without power.

post 26 November 2014
Frost and fog to start December - but probably no snow

With November about to draw to a close, the arrival of December marks the start of meteorological winter, with thoughts not only of Christmas in our minds, but also the prospect of snow.

post 21 November 2014
US mega snow: 10 amazing pictures

10 amazing pictures that capture the five feet of snow that has his Buffalo in the US during the past few days.

post 19 November 2014
Snow joke: 4 feet of snow in one day in US

Here in the UK, a mere 4 inches of snow can send the country into chaos. But imagine this: 4 feet of snow - falling in just one day.

post 18 November 2014
November: mild and wet so far

You probably won't be surprised to hear that it has been wetter and warmer than would be expected at this point of the month, although there has been a large degree of regional variation.

post 17 November 2014
Europe floods: will the UK be affected?

Italy, Switzerland and southern parts of France have had copious amounts of rain during the last month, leading to a series of flash floods and mudslides that have claimed lives.

article 14 November 2014 UK
M25 Closure
Rain, floods and collapsed M25 - but no repeat of February

Heavy rain and gales sweeping across the UK have brought flooding and travel disruption to some parts of the UK.

video 13 November 2014 World, Italy

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Italy landslide leaves one dead - video

Torrential rain caused a landslide on Wednesday that killed a man in the town of Crevacuore, near the city of Biella in the northern Piedmont region. A number of homes were also destroyed.

post 12 November 2014
Wet and windy weather to continue

Looking further ahead towards the weekend, with more rain and sometimes brisk winds to come, whilst nothing major, some places may experience a few problems.

post 10 November 2014
Heavy rain brings flood risk this week

Low pressure is going to be driving our weather this week, bringing heavy rain and a risk of flooding to southern and western parts of the UK.

post 05 November 2014
Jet stream hinting at what early winter may bring

With December just a few weeks away and thoughts of winter straying into our minds, I've already had lots of people on Twitter asking if we're going to get any snow this year.