Liam Dutton

Weather Presenter
Liam Dutton is the Channel 4 News Weather Presenter

Forecaster Liam Dutton is Channel 4 News' first presenter dedicated to weather.

His brief incorporates analysis of UK and International weather along with issues related to climate change, health and food and the impact of weather on travel, finances and welfare.

Liam will have an important online role too, leading Channel 4 News' new weather website and using social media to discuss weather with viewers.

He started his career at the BBC Weather Centre (presenting his first forecast at just 22) and has since travelled the UK presenting for BBC nations and regions.

In 2006 he began presenting for national and international BBC outlets and most recently worked across BBC News, BBC World News, BBC Breakfast and Radio 4's Today programme.


video 18 April 2014 World, New Zealand

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New Zealand battered by storm: video

Stormy weather battered New Zealand with heavy rain, gales and flooding early on Friday, causing road closures, power cuts and landslides. This was the moment a tree was blown over in Nelson.

post 17 April 2014
Easter weather to offer mixed fortunes

With the Easter weekend starting tomorrow, there is no doubt that many of you will be wondering what the weather will offer.

post 16 April 2014
A volcano, cyclone, dust storm and Grand Canyon from space

As we go about our daily lives on the surface, satellites orbit the earth, constantly snapping images from space of our planet below.

post 15 April 2014
El Nino event possible in coming months

Today, the World Meteorological Organization detailed the possible onset of an El Nino event in the coming months - something that would have a significant warming influence on global temperatures.

post 14 April 2014
Will the spring sunshine continue for Easter weekend?

With most schools in the UK having finished for the Easter holidays, there will no doubt be lots of parents wondering what this week and the forthcoming bank holiday will deliver.

post 11 April 2014
Tropical Cyclone Ita slams into northern Queensland

Today (late-Friday local time), Tropical Cyclone Ita slammed into the north Queensland coast, making landfall near Cape Flattery.

post 10 April 2014
Fine weather expected for London Marathon

It's that time of year when tens of thousands of people get ready to take place in the annual London Marathon - an event that attracts lots of spectators to the streets, to cheers participants on.

article 09 April 2014 UK
Butterfly on a flower
Warm summer gives butterflies boost

Butterflies saw their fortunes improve in summer 2013, following their worst year on record in 2012. However, numbers were still below normal, according to the UK butterfly monitoring scheme.

post 08 April 2014
Tropical troublemakers heading for Australia and the Philippines

Two tropical troublemakers are heading for Australia and the Philippines in the next few days, threatening heavy rain, strong winds and flooding.

video 03 April 2014 World, China

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Sandstorms sweep across north west China - video

Sandstorms swept across parts of north west China's Xinjiang Uygur autonomous region on Thursday, reducing visibility and leading to the suspension of school classes. Travel was also affected.

article 02 April 2014 UK
Cloud Data
Seeing the future: Met Office unveils new winter forecasts

A new long-range forecasting system, unveiled today by the Met Office, has shown an advance in the accuracy of predicting weather for European and North American winters.

post 01 April 2014
Saharan dust travelling towards the UK - video

The Met Office has released a video that combines a number satellite images, showing the plume of dust being lifted up over the Sahara and blown towards the UK.

post 31 March 2014
Saharan dust falls across the UK

Saharan dust? Here in the UK? Really? Well, if you see a thin layer of dust on your car in the coming days, that is what it could be.

video 27 March 2014 World, Canada

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Spring blizzard hits Canada - video

The Atlantic coast of Canada has been hit by a spring blizzard, with heavy snowfall and strong winds. The wintry weather has led to treacherous travel, as well as closing many schools and businesses.

post 26 March 2014
Spring warmth to return this weekend

This weekend will see spring warmth return to our shores, with warmer air feeding in from the continent.

article 25 March 2014 UK
Sunny Field
UK's future climate to deliver hotter summers

A Met Office study released today says that temperatures experienced during the record-breaking European heat wave of 2003 are likely to be commonplace by the 2040s.

post 24 March 2014
What drives heavy spring showers?

Cumulonimbus clouds and heavy showers are common during spring in the UK, but why?

post 21 March 2014
Clouds and the man who named them

Often admired as they drift across the sky, clouds come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, with each type associated with a particular type of weather.

post 19 March 2014
Winter set to try and put spring back in its box

Despite the warmth and sunshine we've had so far this month, winter is going to bite back in the coming days and try to put spring back in its box.