Liam Dutton

Weather Presenter
Liam Dutton is the Channel 4 News Weather Presenter

Forecaster Liam Dutton is Channel 4 News' first presenter dedicated to weather.

His brief incorporates analysis of UK and International weather along with issues related to climate change, health and food and the impact of weather on travel, finances and welfare.

Liam will have an important online role too, leading Channel 4 News' new weather website and using social media to discuss weather with viewers.

He started his career at the BBC Weather Centre (presenting his first forecast at just 22) and has since travelled the UK presenting for BBC nations and regions.

In 2006 he began presenting for national and international BBC outlets and most recently worked across BBC News, BBC World News, BBC Breakfast and Radio 4's Today programme.


post 30 October 2014
Halloween set to be warmest on record: trick or treat?

You may step outside tomorrow across England and Wales and think that someone has put a spell on the weather, with hazy sunshine expected and temperatures well above average.

post 28 October 2014
Is the Met Office's new supercomputer worth 97m?

The spiralling costs of severe weather events more than justify the Met Office's massive expenditure on a new supercomputer.

post 20 October 2014
Ex-Hurricane Gonzalo: prepare for winds of up to 80mph

The remnants of Hurricane Gonzalo will hit the UK during Monday night into Tuesday, bringing severe gales of up to 80mph for some places.

post 08 October 2014
Is this the most powerful storm on the planet so far this year?

Whilst the satellite images from space may be a thing of beauty, we could well be staring down at the most powerful storm on our planet so far this year.

post 07 October 2014
Why autumn delivers stormy weather

What makes autumn a season that delivers us some of our stormiest weather of the year?

post 06 October 2014
Autumn wind and rain here to stay

Following the driest September on record for the UK and a fine first few days of October, the weather has finally switched into autumn mode.

post 01 October 2014
Five reasons it'll feel like autumn next week

After a somewhat extended summer, with September being the driest on record for the UK, as well as the fourth warmest, autumn is finally going to arrive in the coming days.

post 30 September 2014
Driest September on record for the UK

Early indications from Met Office figures show that this is going to be the driest September across the UK since records began in 1910.

post 29 September 2014
Autumnal weather is finally on the way

Our fortunes are finally going to change this week, as the weather finally delivers us a reminder that we are well and truly into autumn.

post 26 September 2014
How are hurricane names chosen?

When I write about hurricanes, a common question that I get asked is: who decides on the names of hurricanes that form?

post 25 September 2014
Iceland volcano lava flow seen from space

As well as monitoring activity from sensors on the ground, Nasa satellites have been keeping an eye on Iceland's Bardarbunga volcano from space - providing some spectacular images.

post 24 September 2014
What makes autumn feel like autumn?

As I walked to work today, there was a real sense of autumn in the air. But what makes autumn feel like autumn?

post 23 September 2014
Four stunning optical phenomena and how they form

We've all looked up at the sky at some point and seen weather-related spectacles overhead. The chances are that they were caused by the interaction of light and matter - known as optical phenomena.

post 22 September 2014
September: driest start in over half a century

The first half of September has been very dry across the UK, with temperatures well above average, according to provisional Met Office statistics up to the 15th day of the month.

post 12 September 2014
Northern lights may be visible tonight

Northern parts of the UK could be in for a showing of the aurora borealis, or northern lights as they are also known, on Friday night.

post 11 September 2014
High pressure set to lose its grip next week

Fortunes look set to change next week, as high pressure looses its grip on our weather and low pressure tries to nudge its way across us.

video 10 September 2014 World, United States

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Arizona dust storm - time lapse video

Amazing footage has emerged of a dust storm, also known as a Haboob, as it sweeps through Phoenix, Arizona. Weather warnings were issued and a number of properties lost power.

video 09 September 2014 World, United States

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Arizona hit by flash floods - video

Severe storms caused flash floods in the Phoenix area on Monday, breaking an 81-year-old rainfall record. People had to be rescued from cars and roads turned into rivers as water levels rose quickly.

post 08 September 2014
A hurricane-force storm in September?

As I looked at the longer term trend for our weather this morning, one weather computer model threw up a particularly interesting theme for the fourth week in September - a hurricane-force storm.