article 02 November 2015 UK, Greece
Refugees and migrants travel two billion miles in 2015

Migrants and refugees travelling to Europe to apply for asylum in 2015 have collectively travelled two billion miles, Channel 4 News can reveal.

article 21 September 2015 World, Lebanon
Refugee crisis: Hany's story

Hany Al Moliya never imagined he'd become a refugee. But three years ago, after members of his family were murdered in their homes, he and his remaining relatives fled the country.

post 17 September 2015
Read more from Alex Thomson on his blog 'We have no choice': On board with Syrians fleeing their homeland

Middle class Syrians flee their homes and board a ferry from Lebanon to Turkey - the first stage of a dangerous journey to Europe. Are they refugees or migrants? Does it matter?

post 13 September 2015
Read more from Alex Thomson on his blog Syria: A quick reminder

The pitiless Syrian engine of war grinds on. The waves of the displaced seek refuge. The only realistic escape route is Lebanon and Turkey.

post 09 September 2015
Read more from Alex Thomson on his blog The lives of the Syrian refugees desperate to leave Lebanon

Ftaym, single mother of five children, gestures up at the bombed-out concrete wreck in the south of the Lebanese capital which is now "home."

post 06 September 2015
Read more from Alex Thomson on his blog Refugee crisis? You should see what it's like in Lebanon...

The response to that photo to open doors is entirely understandable. The problem is that it might just make things worse.

post 22 April 2015
Read more from Jonathan Miller on his blog Haunted by memories of a journey from Damascus to Bradford

Mirvat and her family fled Syria, eventually arriving in the UK via Lebanon, Egypt, Libya and Calais. She has begun a new life - but cannot forget what she went through to get here.

article 21 January 2015 World, Lebanon
In pictures: Hezbollah funerals follow Israeli strike

Hezbollah supporters turned out in force in Lebanon for the funerals of militants killed in a suspected Israeli drone strike.

article 12 January 2015 World, Lebanon
Roumieh prison
Islamic State in Lebanon: army storms prison

Lebanon's military storm the country's biggest prison, which they say has become an "operations room" for the Islamic State group, as fears increase of the terror group's presence at the border.

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