post 02 March 2015
Read more from Paul Mason on his blog Greek European deal: where are we?

The European deal done six days ago was supposed to stabilise the Greek debt crisis. But the situation in Greece is still critical.

video 27 February 2015 World, Greece

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German MPs approve Greek bail-out deal

Germany's Parliament approves the four-month extension of Greece's bailout by a huge majority, bringing the final hurdle - getting Eurozone backing - into sight.

article 27 February 2015 World, Greece
Germany to vote on Greek bailout after fresh clashes - video

Dozens of black-clad protesters clash with Greek riot police in the first occurrence of anti-government sentiment since the leftist Syriza party took power a month ago.

article 24 February 2015 World, Greece
Greek flag (Reuters)
Paul Mason by Greeks pledge reforms to secure new euro bailout

Eurozone finance ministers approve reform proposals by Greece - including measures to combat tax evasion and fuel smuggling - in support of its application for a four-month extension of its bailout.

post 24 February 2015
Read more from Paul Mason on his blog Missing from the Greek deal: figures

Instead of "we were kicked out", it would be sold as "we escaped" - and I think however positively today's deal is spun, the push for Grexit will grow stronger as constraints become obvious.

post 23 February 2015
Read more from Paul Mason on his blog Greece: a debt colony with a bit of 'home rule'

There is a sea change going on within Syriza. I've heard people who were staunch believers in a euro that can accommodate by negotiation a radical left government say, effectively, they were wrong.

post 20 February 2015
Read more from Paul Mason on his blog Greece gets its deal.. But if the detail's wrong 'we're finished'

The eurozone and IMF have done a deal with Greece, extending its bailout for four months in return for a commitment to run all policy measures with significant economic impact past the lenders.

article 20 February 2015 World, Greece
Greece bailout: draft agreed after crunch talks

Greece and European finance ministers have moved a step closer towards agreeing a deal on extending the country's bailout, potentially staving off a financial crisis in the eurozone.

post 20 February 2015
Read more from Paul Mason on his blog Eurozone summit: the Greeks could face a fateful decision on Euro

Today is the Greek equivalent of Gettysburg. After the ECB agreed to extend emergency lending for Greek banks for only a few days, the Greeks have until tonight to reach a compromise deal.

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