article 24 May 2016 World, Greece
Greece: thousands of migrants moved from border camp

Greek riot police are evacuating thousands of migrants from a camp on the Macedonia border where they have been stranded for months.

article 14 March 2016 World, Greece
Migrants stranded in Greece cross Macedonia border

Migrants and refugees who were stranded at a camp on the Greek border cross a river near the frontier, with hundreds making it through a fence to Macedonia.

article 08 February 2016 World, Greece
Migrants die as boat sinks off Turkish coast

More than 20 refugees drown while trying to reach Greece, as German Chancellor Angela Merkel visits Turkey to discuss how to respond to the latest migrant surge caused by fighting in Syria.

video 22 November 2015 World, Greece

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Refugees and migrants blocked at Macedonia border

As temperatures plummet and winter approaches, thousands of migrants and refugees are finding it harder to travel to Europe. Macedonia says it will turn away migrants who are not from war zones.

article 04 November 2015 World, Greece
Europe begins to resettle Greek asylum-seekers

Six families from Iraq and Syria are the first asylum-seekers to be relocated from Greece as part of an EU-funded resettlement scheme.

article 02 November 2015 UK, Greece
Refugees and migrants travel two billion miles in 2015

Migrants and refugees travelling to Europe to apply for asylum in 2015 have collectively travelled two billion miles, Channel 4 News can reveal.

post 21 September 2015
Read more from Paul Mason on his blog Tsipras crushes his opponents, left and right, to gain second term

It was the unswayability of the left vote that put Alexis Tsipras straight back into the prime ministerial mansion he resigned from a month ago, calling a snap election.

article 20 September 2015 World, Greece
Greek elections: nation returns to the polls

Voting has begun in Greece's general election, with opinion polls indicating a tight race as Syriza leader Alexis Tsipras seeks a new mandate.

post 19 September 2015
Read more from Paul Mason on his blog Greek elections: do Syriza want to win?

Alexis Tsipras' final election rally had the usual soundtrack and familiar props but a different cast. After more than a fifth of his MPs split to form a new left party, the inner core of party activi

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