Hunted Series 5 Mervyn

Hunted: Series 5 – interview with fugitive retiree Mervyn, known as ‘Titch’

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Mervyn, known as ‘Titch’ was born in Swindon in 1940 and at 78 will be Hunted's oldest ever fugitive. Mervyn began his career working for Portsmouth police before moving to the military where his flair for languages had him working in the intelligence corps moving up the ranks to finish as Major after 24 years’ service. After that Titch moved to worked in to IT and computer sciences. Despite his age Titch is sure his wealth of life experience will give him the edge over the Hunters and his fellow fugitives.

Why did you want to take part in Hunted?

I want to accept a challenge and prove that 'old' people are not necessarily just waiting to die!

Why did you want to go it alone?

Nobody I know of either fitted the bill or could afford the time off work.

What tactics, if any, are you planning to employ? Are there things you’ve seen in previous Hunted series’ that you’d like to adopt – or avoid?

I have friends across the UK on whom I know I can rely and providing I can stay ‘under the radar’ then I’m in with a good chance!

How confident are you in your abilities? Do you think you have what it takes to make it to the end?

I have no doubts about my ability to last the course!

What do you think the experience of being on the run will be like?

I hope it will be a really fun and once in a lifetime opportunity for which I will  have absolutely no regrets. I am uncertain how it will play out and my prime concern is personal hygiene.   

For the first time in Hunted history, you will start with only the clothes on your back. How do you feel about the prospect of having no technology, no money, no backpack and no possessions?

Starting with absolutely nothing is all part of the challenge.  It will mean relying on my wits, personality, (that’s a bit daunting) and luck. Fortunately, I hope I have enough of the first and third to compensate for any lack of the second!

If you manage to avoid capture, what would you spend your winnings on? How big a factor is the money for you?

I cannot say with truth that the money will not be useful!

What life/career experience/s have you had that you think would give you the edge over the hunters and other fugitives?

My 24 years in the Army have given me self-confidence, experience of escape and evasion and self-sufficiency.

Other than appearing on Hunted, what would you say has been your biggest claim to fame?

Moving through the all the Army ranks from private soldier to Major!