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The Circle 2019 Press Pack

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The stand out TV show of last year, The Circle, is back for a second series. New host Emma Willis takes the reins of this innovative game, where up to £100k is on offer for the winner, so the stakes are high. In the game where anyone can be anyone, who will win The Circle?

In The Circle, players live in separate flats in an apartment block and communicate with each other through a voice activated social media platform called The Circle.

The players can be whoever they want on their Circle profiles, as they are hidden behind the screen. They can choose to hide certain things, change their identity entirely or simply be themselves. And because the players can’t see each or hear other, there is plenty of opportunity for gameplay.

Popularity is the name of the game. Across the series the players rate each other and the least popular are ‘blocked’. On their way out they finally get to meet one of their fellow players face-to-face and find out if who they have been talking to on The Circle is really who they say they are.

Over the course of the three and a half weeks, The Circle will test the players to the limit, with twists and turns, shock blockings and new players entering when old ones are blocked. And viewers at home will also be able to influence the show with live votes via The Circle’s very own app.

Introducing the first eight Players taking part in this year’s series of The Circle.

Please use credit: The Circle launches live on Channel 4, Tuesday at 9:15pm