The Circle

The Circle: Interview with Emelle

Category: Press Pack Article

NAME: Emelle
AGE: 31
FROM: Manchester
PLAYING AS: Herself, but changing her sexuality and her real age.


IN A NUTSHELL: Emelle is a confident, single lesbian from Manchester who knows what she likes, and in The Circle will be playing as a younger, straight girl.

MOTIVATION FOR ENTERING THE CIRCLE: Emelle wants to enter The Circle as a straight, 24-year old because she believes that would make her more popular than playing as herself, a 31-year-old lesbian. Emelle believes straight privilege is prevalent in society and believes getting ahead will be easier as a young straight woman.

STRATEGY: Before going into The Circle, Emelle has asked all her straight friends for tips on how to flirt with men. She’s confident that by playing The Circle as a 24-year-old she’ll be better liked by the other players and she does not think she needs to do much research into cultural references as she’s young at heart.


And what is it about playing The Circle that made you sign up?
It just sounds like a fun thing to do and a bit of a challenge, I like a challenge. I find the whole concept quite interesting, it's very relevant to today's world.

What is your strategy for winning?
I'm gay but I'm going to play it straight in The Circle. I'm also going to go younger so instead of 31, I'm saying 24.

What's going to happen if you get into a relationship on the show?
It's kind of difficult because I'm playing it straight so I have to avoid getting in too deep. I'll still be flirty. I could pretend to be in a relationship if it's going to win me the game! But obviously they'd be fuming when I get out and realise I'm gay!

Can you tell us any more about your profile in The Circle?
I'm not changing my personality, just my sexuality and my age. I'm going to use my own pictures.

Why do you think playing this version of yourself will make you more popular than playing yourself?
Some people can be quite judgey over being gay. You get a lot of homophobic people. Girls can sometimes be a little bit funny about getting close in case you might fancy them. I've had girls before saying that they'd feel really uncomfortable if they knew that a lesbian was in the same changing room with them because it would be like having a man there and they'd feel like they were being perved on. Girls can be a little bit like weird like that, I don't want any girls feeling uncomfortable. If I'm trying to comfort them, I don't want them to feel like that's me trying to get with them.

I like female empowerment. I like girls to feel good. I'm always giving girls compliments on social media. But it is difficult when they know that you're gay, you don't want them to get the wrong idea.

Have you ever experienced any homophobia?
Yes mostly online to be honest. Not too much to my face. I've had a lot online. There has actually been an emoji created. It's the rainbow flag with like a cross through it. People just post that on your pictures.

How easy do you think it will be to make people like you just using pictures and text?
I like to think I'm quite a likeable person, positive and not argumentative at all. I’m even taking in a joke book. So I can tell everyone daily jokes so hopefully they'll want to keep me in The Circle because I'll keep them entertained.

How will you decide which pictures to use?
I've gone for fun, laid back pictures of myself - but that I still look hot in!

And what social media platforms do you use at home?
Instagram and Twitter, I have got a Facebook but I don't use it much. I use Instagram the most.

Who's your favourite social media star?
Sam Blacky, DJ. She's very fun, she doesn't take celebrities too seriously and she's got no boobs and she owns it. I like that because I've got no boobs either. Most girls these days on social media are perfect with the big lips and the big boobs and the big bum and tiny waist so it’s refreshing to see her celebrate her natural self.

Are you worried your model looks might work against you and make others jealous?
Potentially but that’s why I've tried to use pictures that aren't too sexy.

Do you think you'll be able to spot any catfishes?
I hope so. I quite like getting my detective mode out. I'm going to be looking for all the little clues, I'm going to write everything down in my little book so I can catch them out.

Is there anything that really bugs you about social media?
It bugs me that I have to do it for my career. Sometimes I would love to just take a break because it does get a bit much but I need to stay on it for my job. I'd love to detox but I can't because I might be losing a lot of work.

Were you popular at school?
I wasn't unpopular but I wasn't the popular one either.

Are you worried about any backlash at the end when you reveal your true self?
I guess it depends if there are guys that think we're literally going to be dating on the outside then I imagine they will not be the happiest. But they'll get over it won't they?

How far will you go to win?
I'll do what I can! I don't think I could purposefully turn people against each other. I would feel really guilty. I want to stay true to myself and be a decent person in there.

What would you do with the prize money?
I'd like to invest in property, try to be sensible you know. I live in London but in the next couple of years I'd like to have a property up north that I can rent out.