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The Circle: Interview with Jack

Category: Press Pack Article

NAME: Jack
AGE: 29
OCCUPATION: Business owner
FROM: London (but lives in Edinburgh)

IN A NUTSHELL: Jack describes himself as a free spirt who wants to stay young forever. He lives at home with his mum and siblings. He has spent many summers abroad working the night club scene and has recently come back from Ibiza where he worked as a VIP host getting celebs to spend money, so he says he has the gift of the gab! He works out a lot in the gym and is proud of his body and would use this to his advantage with the photos he uses.

MOTIVATION FOR ENTERING THE CIRCLE: Jack wants to come on The Circle to have fun and hopefully find love before he turns 30! He admits that he has never had a proper girlfriend and says that people tend to write him off as a “f***boy”.

STRATEGY: Jack’s strategy is to flirt! He’s proud. He will use photos of himself from his travelling days looking adventurous and cultured. He wants to get on with everyone and just have some fun and act like a big kid with the lads!

What made you sign up?
I watched it last year and it’s interesting that everyone gets to reinvent themselves, but to be honest, for me it really wasn’t about that. I do back myself as a person so that’s why I want to be fully myself. All my life experience from VIP hosting and travelling has always been about making myself the most popular person. I’ve also been a confident and popular person because of the stuff that I’ve done but also, I’m 29 now and I’ve still never had a proper relationship, meaning nothing more than a quick fling.  I think that can be down to the travelling Peter Pan lifestyle, I don’t often give myself the chance to get to know people. So, I can go in and get to know people, but it’s not based on looks. I know it’s not a dating show, but you never know what’s going to happen at the end. I’m a popular guy so I’m pretty confident that I’m going to win, I’ve got good chat so if I come out of it with a potential girl as well I’m not going to complain.


Which social media platforms do you use at home?

Only Instagram, keep it simple.


Have you ever contacted a celebrity or been contacted by a celebrity on social media?

Me and Kem from Love Island have spoken a few times but that was because we became mates this year when he was out in Ibiza.


Who is your favourite social media star?

I would say Ross Worswick, he was from Ex On The Beach years ago but basically he’s built himself up into this fantastic fashion brand. And he’s got some great fashion and just seems like a really nice guy so I follow a lot of his stuff.


Have you ever had a bad experience on social media?

Not yet, I’ve never been catfished to my knowledge.


Is there anything that really bugs you about social media?

Not particularly, because I only use Instagram its quite simple. I live a fairly exciting life because of all the travelling so I post that, so my friends can see and in return I get to see little snippets of their life, so it’s always been positive for me.


Were you popular at school?

I was yes.


How far will you go to win?

Pretty far, I’m not really the kind of guy that’s going to have a game plan. I’m going in as me, a funny, light happy guy, not one to chase drama and I hope that people will just warm to me naturally, however I’m fully aware it’s a gameshow and I may need to manipulate others for my own benefit.

Are you worried about forming a friendship only for the person to not be who you thought they were?

I don’t know until I’m in that position, I possibly might feel betrayed if it actually happened but if you form that kind of relationship, what does it matter what they look like. They’ve obviously got the same chat at the end of it. I’ve no problem with having girl friends or guy friends, younger friends or older friends. I don’t think I would feel betrayed, but I couldn’t promise you until I was in that position.


What would you do with the prize money?

My mums been looking at a house but it’s slightly out of her price range so if I win, I’ve got no business aspirations at the moment or money I need to use so she may as well have it. If I need money down the line I’m sure she’ll help me back.