Alone at Home:  Episode 1

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ALONE AT HOME – Fridays from 9th November, 8pm

Bedtimes, restricted screen time and overprotecting are the bane of every child’s life, but what would they do without these rules of behaviour?

Channel 4’s brand new four-part series Alone At Home questions to what degree modern parenting styles prepare our children for adulthood. Do parents still influence the behaviour of their children, even when they’re not around? And what will happen without these rules, will our children rebel or perhaps they’ll be more resourceful than we give them credit for?    

In each episode, parents leave the sibling groups - aged between eight and 16-years of age - with a pre-decided budget, limited or no food at their disposal, and vacate their homes for four days. The children are then left to their own devices, albeit with a camera crew stationed nearby and rigged with 26 remotely operated cameras for company.

The four families vary from traditional, single parent, special needs and step siblings, from across the UK. The kids are filmed 24/7 to observe whether, if given autonomy and freedom, young people will seize the opportunity to rip up the parental rule book and let loose, or be as good as gold and live by the rules their parents live by?

Although sans parents, the children are closely monitored at all times by a production and safeguarding teams of chaperones and independent experts, ready to respond immediately if needed. But ultimately, the kids must live entirely by their own rules.