Alone at Home: Episode 3

Alone at Home episode 3

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With debate raging throughout the UK about whether we’re raising a generation of “cotton-wool” kids, this brand-new series from Channel 4 gives four British families a unique opportunity to see just how capable their children are.

In this third episode, mum Eleanor, a marketing consultant who lives in an affluent South London suburb, wants to see if leaving her four boys to have complete freedom over a long weekend will improve how they get on with each other.

Eleanor feels she’s had to run the boys like “a pack of dogs” and along with solicitor husband, James, hopes the long weekend will see their sons not only come closer together but also grow in confidence as individuals.

Alexander, aged 13, is the eldest brother by just a few minutes from his twin, Nicholas, and tends to take charge. While Alexander wants to “prove that we can survive without ultimate hell breaking out”, Nicholas hopes to step out of his twin’s shadow.

Alongside the youngest sibling, 8-year-old Edward, there’s William, aged 12 - the “middle child.” Eleanor recognises that as the third eldest after twins, William has to “fight hard for his position” and he rows with his brothers the most. She hopes the weekend can give William the confidence to do his own thing.

After four days away will Eleanor and James return to peace and harmony? Or will the brothers run riot?