Alone at Home:  Episode 1

Alone at Home episode 1

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In this opening episode, mum Natalie, a physiotherapist technician from Surrey, has had enough of doing everything for her two daughters, 16-year-old Millie and Laurel, aged 13. Millie, “loud, overconfident” says, “Mum sometimes acts like our slave,” and admits she can be immature.

Younger sister Laurel is quieter and admits she has always been “quite an attached child” to her mum.
Natalie’s partner, Dan, the manager of a print shop – and former soldier – thinks Natalie’s a “soft touch” and wants the girls to help their mum more. Dan also has another reason to take on the experience. His 14-year-old son from his first marriage, Ethan, is coming to stay. Dan worries that Ethan can’t make decisions and wonders how he will cope over the long weekend.

Having tried to instil a sensible attitude to alcohol in the children, Natalie is leaving booze behind. With the house to themselves and complete freedom to do whatever they want, will the three teenagers prove Natalie and Dan wrong? Or will the parents come home to complete chaos?