New site - please read

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Hello. Do you like the new outfit?

Here’s the thing. I’m in the grip of a fully-fledged mid-life crisis. I can’t change my hair, because my head is basically an egg with a small amount of stubble on the sides. My wife won’t allow me to get a tattoo, and I’m not into cars. So welcome to the digital manifestation of a 46-year-old man who’s realised he’ll probably never play professional football or marry Charlize Theron.

The thing is, for reasons that are far too complicated to explain (which is to say I don’t really understand them), we’ve had to roll out the new press site slightly earlier than we would have liked. As a result, there are various things that aren’t working quite as we’d like.

We are, it goes without saying, really, really sorry for any inconvenience caused. Please rest assured, we have a team of boffins with massive heads, pasty complexions and absolutely zero social skills working night and day to sort these problems out. We’ve told them they can’t play Fortnite until it’s sorted.

Here are the issues that we are facing:

As of yet, we only have material from the past month up on the website. This will increase steadily over the next few weeks, but for now, users can’t access anything that was published before October.

Also, the site might look a bit wonkaloid, depending on your browser.



  1. The basket function has been disabled, so images will have to be downloaded one at a time.
  2. The images search function is not currently working.
  3. Due to various technical issues with uploading images, there will be a smaller selection of images available for a while.



  1. Currently, each day’s Listings are displayed from midnight to midnight, as opposed to 6am (approx.) to 6am.
  2. Users can’t select week numbers in the calendar, or view anything in a seven-day period, including highlights and movies.
  3. There is no Listings archive currently available.


Sorry. If you have any queries, please address them to the relevant contact on the right hand side. But please do so in a respectful manner. We will never tolerate you placing your hands on us while we’re just trying to do our jobs.