Five Star Kitchen: Britain's Next Great Chef - Programme Information

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Episode 1 - Thursday 8 June, 8pm on Channel 4

In this new high-stakes competition, legendary Michelin Star Chef, Michel Roux Jr, is offering the biggest prize in culinary history – the chance to run the Palm Court restaurant at the prestigious, five-star hotel The Langham, London. In this episode, professional chefs from all over the world with a range of culinary backgrounds, descend on the Langham to pitch their restaurant concept to Michel and his fellow judges, Global Restaurateur Mike Reid and Restaurant Business Consultant Ravneet Gill.

The chefs, including 29-year-old Jordan, who went from being homeless to running his own kitchen and Russian born Igor, who lost his hearing as child, must impress the judges with an original concept that will thrive in London’s ultra-competitive five-star restaurant scene. They must also demonstrate world-class cooking skills, producing a signature dish that represents their restaurant idea. Finally, they must show they have the qualities required to survive as a Head Chef at the top tier of the culinary world.

Which chefs will fall short in the Pitch to face a brutal elimination cook off?  With only seven spots available in the competition, the pressure is on for the aspiring 5-star chefs as the kitchen reaches boiling point.


Episode 2 - Thursday 15 June, 8pm on Channel 4

Michelin Star Chef Michel Roux Jr continues his search for a chef with an original five-star dining concept worthy of winning the exclusive Palm Court restaurant iconic London hotel, The Langham. The remaining seven chefs must produce an extravagant dish using the most luxurious ingredients money can buy that would sit as the most expensive on their menu. Rare ingredients and exorbitant price tags as are no object as the chefs compete to appeal to the Langham’s millionaire clientele the world over.

The finest Canadian lobster, a £500 jar of caviar, 100-year-old balsamic vinegar worth more than £600 a bottle, and a mermaid ice sculpture all feature in the chefs’ bid to impress. With the final dishes priced as much as £2500 each, will the chefs know how to cook with such wildly opulent ingredients to produce a dish worthy of its price tag?

Those that fail to impress must also prove themselves at the other end of the budgetary scale as their business acumen is put to the test. In a fight for survival, four chefs must devise and serve a £30 set menu for the Langham’s discerning lunchtime diners. Global restaurateur Mike Reid oversees service as tensions overflow in the kitchen. Whoever makes the least profit, will be eliminated.


Episode 3 - Thursday 22 June, 8pm on Channel 4

Legendary chef, Michel Roux Jr along with Ravneet Gill and Mike Reid, continues the search for a five-star chef who will win the exclusive Palm Court Restaurant located in one of London’s most prestigious hotels, The Langham.

The six remaining chefs must work in teams to create a bespoke menu for a VIP client who will be staying in the hotels opulent, £25,000 a night, Sterling Suite. Each team must create an opulent spread, but only one will be served to the VIP and his guests, while the other will be sent to the Langham’s staff canteen. With an elimination challenge looming, it’s a tense time for the team leaders.

The winning team is given the day off while the losing team faces a cook off challenge. Each chef is tasked with producing a luxury five-star breakfast tray in keeping with their restaurant concept. For the Langham, breakfast is the most important meal and the final opportunity to create a lasting impression on their guests. The chef who fails to impress will be sent home.


Episode 4 - Thursday 29 June, 8pm on Channel 4

The competition continues, in the fight for the keys to the Palm Court Restaurant prestigious hotel The Langham, London. Under the watchful eye of Michelin star chef, Michel Roux Jr, business supremo Mike Reid and trend-spotter Ravneet Gill, the five remaining chefs must reinvent the Langham’s iconic afternoon tea, whilst staying true to their restaurant concept. From a Mad Hatters tea party to edible soil, deer heart to delicate entremets’ – how far can the chefs push the boundaries, without making the distinguished diners uncomfortable?

Pressure intensifies when the chefs are invited to host a chef’s table with Michel Roux Jr and some very special guests. They must prove themselves capable of dazzling the guests with their personalities whilst also cooking elements of their dish tableside. One chef brings their dining concept to life with a firebreather and contortionist, while another is hoping to impress with a unique sensory experience. Only four of the five chefs will make it through.


Episode 5 - Thursday 6 July, 8pm on Channel 4

The competition reaches semi-final stage as the four remaining chefs compete to win the Palm Court Restaurant at London’s iconic Langham Hotel. It’s time to take things up a notch as Michelin starred restaurateur Michel Roux Jr, along with Mike Reid and Ravneet Gill, put the chefs through their paces in toughest test to date.

First, they must present an opulent feasting centrepiece designed to attract groups of diners keen to splash the cash on a special occasion. Pressure mounts in the kitchen as the chefs are next tasked with catering an exclusive banquet for 100 VIP guests in the Langham’s Grand Ballroom. Each chef is tasked with producing one course – starter, fish, meat and dessert – under the watchful eye of Mike Reid who oversees operations in the kitchen. With the hotel’s reputation at stake, there is no room for error. For a place in the final, the chefs must prove they can deliver fine dining, at scale and on time. Whoever falls short will leave the five-star kitchen for the last time.


Episode 6 - Thursday 13 July, 8pm on Channel 4

In a nail-biting final, three chefs battle it out for the opportunity of a lifetime – the chance to win the Palm Court restaurant at The Langham, London. To prove themselves worthy of being crowned winner, each chef must run the restaurant as if it were their own for one night. With the Palm Court packed full of diners, the three finalists need to devise and deliver a menu representative of their concept. Tensions run high as Michelin star chef Michel Roux Jr watches on in the kitchen. Who will prove they can deliver five-star quality dining whilst also coping with the pressure of the most important service of their lives?

The stakes could not be higher as one of the three will walk away with the biggest prize ever in culinary history. Who will triumph in the Five Star Kitchen and see their restaurant idea become a reality in the Palm Court at the Langham?