Judges of Five Star Kitchen: Britain's Next Great Chef (left to right) Ravneet Gill, Michel Roux Jr and Mike Reid

Five Star Kitchen: Britain's Next Great Chef - Press Pack

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Who has what it takes to open a restaurant in one of the world’s most famous 5-star hotels? In this new, high-stakes competition, talented up and coming chefs battle it out to prove they have the culinary skills and business brain to win a once in a lifetime prize – the Palm Court restaurant in the exclusive hotel, The Langham, London.

Set inside the hotel, the competition is judged by culinary legend and Langham chef Michel Roux Jr. Working with him are Ravneet Gill, pastry supremo and hospitality consultant, and leading global restaurateur, Mike Reid.

Across six episodes Roux and his team will put the chefs through a range of epic challenges designed to test the skills they’ll need to survive in the elite world of five-star dining. Not only must they prove they can deliver five-star cuisine, but also that they have what it takes to turn a profit and run a restaurant business at the highest level.

Lavish banquets and late-night room service; an exclusive chef’s table and the Langham’s busy lunch service are just some of the tests the chefs undertake. Who will have the grit, determination and business-mind required to survive at the top tier of the culinary world?

The chefs are drawn from a wide range of professional backgrounds, each with a unique vision for their own restaurant - but to turn it into reality they’ll have to endure the toughest job interview of their lives that will see them all pushed to boiling point.

Five Star Kitchen: Britain's Next Great Chef on Channel 4. Stream weekly or watch live from Thursday 8 June, 8pm