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There's lots to look forward to in the coming weeks on Channel 4 from Entertainment, Factual Entertainment, Daytime and Features...

From Monday 26th April, 8pm
8 x 60’
Avalon Factual productions for Channel 4
Contact: Gemma Bareham

Anna Richardson presents a new consumer series that will help us save money in all aspects of our lives. Together with a crack team of experts, Anna shows cash-strapped families how to reduce their outgoings, amidst one of the most unpredictable financial periods of our times.

In each episode, a different family receives a 360-degree financial makeover as genius financial tips are combined with the practical skills we all need to keep our bills to a minimum.

Chef Gary Usher shows our families how to create affordable, tasty grub on a budget, while expert decorator and builder Eve Humphreys demonstrates how to complete those niggly home improvements without paying someone else. Plus, Instagram ‘cleanfluencer’ Peachy Clean provides top tips on cost-efficient household chores and organising hacks to save both time and money.

How To Save A Grand In 24 Hours

From Saturday 1st May, 8pm
4 x 60’
Rumpus Media for Channel 4
Contact: Gemma Bareham

It’s time to prepare our outdoor spaces for the warmer months ahead and in this new four-part series, a crack team of experts demonstrate inspiring makeovers for gardens of any size or shape, and all tailored to the season.

Filmed with a fast turnaround to showcase the areas of your garden you can work on in the week of broadcast, each episode of The Great Garden Revolution comes from a different domestic garden around the UK. Designer Joel Bird, ecological gardener Poppy Okotcha and craftsman Bruce Kenneth will combine their expertise to transform each week’s garden, giving viewers a variety of tips, builds and ideas they can put into action straight away.

The Great Garden Revolution also features celebrity guests who will show off their own garden and demonstrate their bespoke hacks.

From Tuesday 4th May, 9pm
4 x 60’ 
Kalel productions for Channel 4 
Contact: Lesley Land 

As many businesses fear an uncertain economic future, Channel 4 will seek to show that shrewd decisions can help businesses navigate the post-pandemic economy and still deliver a profit.  Fronted by serial entrepreneur and seasoned investor Eric Collins, the series follows Eric, in his quest to offer not only his expertise but also capital investment to four small struggling British businesses.

Eric, the CEO of Impact X Capital Partners, a venture capital firm supporting underrepresented entrepreneurs across Europe, will help select and personally invest in companies he thinks he can help turnaround. Once embedded in the company, he will immerse himself into every aspect of their day to day, challenging the business and interrogating their plans and visions for the future. Unafraid to ask the difficult questions, Eric will force the companies to face some hard truths as he uncovers what it is that makes them tick.

The Profit

From Wednesday 5th May, 10pm
4 x 60’
Plum Pictures for Channel 4
Contact: Gemma Bareham

Glamping is on the rise in Britain, and it’s no longer just a posh tent in a field. Up and down the country, people are repurposing old vehicles into stunning boutique hotels. And now, a most unlikely person is about to join the fray.

Johnny Vegas, award-winning comedian and entertainer wants to create the country’s coolest glamping site. Together with his long-suffering assistant Bev, he sets about buying an old Maltese bus online. It seems a bargain, but all is not as it seems!

Across this four-part series we follow Johnny, Bev and a gang of vintage bus enthusiasts as they attempt to bring new life to a collection of old vehicles as the clock is ticking to get the site open in time. And soon, anything that can go wrong does.

Johnny loses several potential sites for his glamping business, and when Coronavirus hits, the whole project is in jeopardy. Their luck begins to change when a farm in the stunning Yorkshire countryside offers to house the site and Johnny’s bus renovation slowly starts to take shape. But a devastating crash once again threatens the whole endeavour.

It’s time to buckle up, keep calm, and carry on glamping!

All episodes of Johnny Vegas: Carry on Glamping will be available as a box set on All 4 from 5th May, following the transmission of the first episode.

30 x 60’
Objective Media Group Entertainment for Channel 4
Contact: Sian Thompson

Anita Rani hosts a brand-new quiz format for Daytime. In the Answer Trap, Anita challenge two teams to place answers from a series of lists into their relevant categories. However not all the answers belong in the categories, some are devilish decoys - Answer Traps.

The Answer Traps have been set by iconic quizzers Bobby Seagull and Frank Paul, with the brainiacs competing to see who can catch the most players in their traps.

If the teams can assign the answers to the correct categories and avoid the traps, they get the opportunity to play for a £10,000 jackpot on the final question.

5 x 60’
CPL Productions for Channel 4
Contact: Nick Walker

Tom Allen hosts an entertaining new prime-time quiz for Channel 4 in which contestants’ general knowledge is put to the test as they play for the chance to win £25,000. But the more answers our quizzers know, the dafter they must look to prove it.

The show offers a twist on TV quizzes, with rounds including ‘Subbly Jubbly’, in which contestants must substitute nonsense words into the correct answers. There’s also a unique and surprisingly difficult quickfire round in which nearly every question has the same answer, and a multiple choice round which tests the quizzers’ speed of thought when they must answer a different question to the one they’ve actually been asked – with unintentionally (for them) silly and cheeky consequences.

6 x 60’
Blast! Films production for Channel 4
Contact: Julie Pickford

The Supervet: Noel Fitzpatrick returns for an all-new series, showcasing the extraordinary work of veterinary surgeon Professor Noel Fitzpatrick and his team at Fitzpatrick Referrals in Surrey where pets from all over the world come to receive the cutting-edge treatments on offer. 

The seventh series kicks off with a Supervet ‘Special’; a whole show dedicated to telling one of the most emotional and heart-rending stories ever featured.  In October 2020 Noel's own dog, his beloved eleven-year-old border terrier Keira, was run over outside the practice and left with life-threatening injuries.  It falls to Noel and his team at Fitzpatrick’s sister hospital in Guildford to attempt to save her life and bring her back to her extended loving family at the practice. 

4 x 30’ 
BBC Studios production for Channel 4 
Contact: Lesley Land   

A new four-part series will see two of Britain’s best loved cooks, Prue Leith and Dr Rupy Aujla, transforming the cooking and food shopping habits of four British families, shaking up their mealtimes and reducing food waste. The UK has a problem with food waste with the equivalent of 1 in 6 shopping bags or 1 in 8 prepared meals going into household bins.

With some top tips and expert advice, we can change our habits and revolutionise how we consume food for the better. Each week the cooks will team up with a different family to understand how food is wasted in their respective households, and to teach them recipes for easy-to-make, delicious meals using store cupboard staples and budget-friendly meal planning. The goal is to help the families – and viewers at home –take action, saving money and the planet by reducing their food waste.

1 x 60’ 
Firecrest Films production for Channel 4 
Contact: Sian Thompson   

Some of the people living on a small highland island have won millions. This warm-hearted documentary follows the winners as they come to terms with their windfall, and explores how much it will change their lives, or how little.

3 x 60’
72 Films production for Channel 4
Contact: Nick Walker

Channel 4 treats you to an all-new series exploring the extraordinary stories behind some of Britain’s favourite snacks: from their humble beginnings to the multi-billion pound businesses consumers know and love.

Each episode explores the history behind the scenes of some of the most popular snack products on the UK’s supermarket shelves: biscuits, chocolates and crisps. Featuring interviews with some of the biggest names in snacks and the brains behind the brands, the series offers a nostalgic and informative look at what it takes for a product to hit the sweet spot among the nation’s snack lovers.

ITV studios production for Channel 4
Contact: Kate Conway

Anne Robinson joins Channel 4’s Countdown this summer. Anne will be the show’s sixth host, and the first woman to fill the hotseat on the long-running programme, joining numbers whizz Rachel Riley and wordsmith Susie Dent on the show. Countdown was the first programme to broadcast on Channel 4. It’s been on air since its November 1982 launch making it one of the longest running quiz shows in the world. It airs weekdays at 2.10pm.

8 x 30’ 
Studio Lambert production for Channel 4 
Contact: Lesley Land   

Featuring a rolling cast of famous faces, several of Britain’s best loved personalities hit the sofa, as they turn their hand to being some of the country’s most opinionated viewers for a third series of Celebrity Gogglebox.

From entertainment juggernauts to the week's biggest news stories, from hard-hitting documentary series to gritty drama, Celebrity Gogglebox offers sharp, insightful, funny, and sometimes emotional critiques of popular and topical TV shows, sparking debate and giving the audience the chance to share those 'we said that!' moments with some of their favourite celebrities.

7 x 60’  
Open Mike productions for Channel 4 
Contact: Alison Peters 

The quadruple BAFTA-nominated entertainment series The Last Leg returns to Channel 4 for another highly anticipated series.  Live at 10pm on Friday nights for their 22nd series, Adam Hills, Josh Widdicombe and Alex Brooker share their honest, upbeat and award-winning brand of satirical comedy.  

They’ll be joined by big-named guests each week from the worlds of comedy, entertainment, and politics as they dissect the week’s events with their acerbic wit, enlightening discussions and unique sketches. As ever, the hashtag #isitok will raise the questions the audience want answered, sparking debate about the week’s most entertaining news stories.

10 x 60’
Love productions for Channel 4
Contact: Amanda Console and Shelagh Pymm

The search for the best professional patisserie team in Britain returns with Liam Charles and Tom Allen welcoming a new batch of pastry chefs to the competition. They face two days of testing challenges, judged by top patisserie experts Benoit Blin and Cherish Finden. 

In each episode the new teams must summon up all their patisserie prowess to impress the judges and stay in the competition. Will the chefs thrive in the Professionals kitchen under the watchful gaze of Benoit and Cherish or will the pressure get to them?