Still image from Channel 4's new ad partnership with giffgaff, starring Queenie actress Bellah

Channel 4 Sales matches giffgaff and Queenie

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Channel 4 Sales has launched a new partnership with giffgaff, which will see the mobile phone network tying in with the universe of upcoming Channel 4 drama Queenie for a new series of 3 x 30’’ adverts.  
Running from 4 June to 15 July, the ‘Pick Up, It’s Queenie’ campaign will run as the first ad in break during Queenie’s run on linear television, alongside other contextual programming across Channel 4 and E4. The highly anticipated drama is based on Candice Carty-Williams' bestseller book of the same name, following protagonist Queenie as she navigates life, love and identity,
​​debuting on Channel 4 from 4 June.   
Marking the continuation of Channel 4’s Fast Forward strategy which is delivering innovative digital-first opportunities for brands, the ads will also be present on Channel 4 Streaming and the broadcaster’s YouTube and Snap pages.
Central to the campaign is Queenie star Bellah, with the actress reprising her role from the show as Queenie’s best friend, Kyazike. The partnership sees Kyazike acting as an on-screen agony aunt, answering viewer dilemmas about friendships and relationships
from their phone.   
In each advert, Kyazike encourages the audience to respond to their problems by embracing flexibility, mirroring the trait that giffgaff is renowned for offering to its own customers. This flexibility of giffgaff’s contracts and services are presented as the solution to a range of audience dilemmas, with placement of brand colours in the advert and the giffgaff network visible on a phone handset.
The partnership was set up by the Channel 4 Sales Creative Hub team together with MG OMD, who both proactively brought the idea to giffgaff. Given the emphasis on friendship and connections visible within Queenie – including via the prominence of WhatsApp group ‘The Corgis’ for Queenie and her friends in the show – Channel 4 sought a brand who had a track record of showcasing connection as a force for good.
The partnership was created with the support of media agency MG OMD, and follows other recent deals led by the Channel 4 Sales Creative Hub team, with NHS staff support organisation Frontline19, and the Department for Education for their ‘Skills for Life’ campaign.

Sophie Lloyd, Creative Leader, Commercial Propositions at Channel 4 said: 
“Connecting brands to culture is at the heart of what our creative team exists to do. That’s why we wanted a brand partner who was a natural fit for the show and our audience, and could speak to the theme of connecting friends and loved ones in the way that is so important to the world of Queenie.   
That’s why we’re delighted to be working with giffgaff. They’re category trailblazers, showing there’s a different, more human way to do things. They’re a natural fit for the spirit of Channel 4 which is embodied in this show. Queenie and giffgaff is a perfect example of how we at Channel 4 can bring brands into our world and be part of culture together.”

Nerissa Abrahams, Senior Brand & Advertising Manager at giffgaff said:  

“Our partnership with Channel 4’s Queenie is bold, engaging and truly speaks to our mission of showing that connectivity can be a force for good. Combining our mobile network world with the Queenie universe felt like a natural tie up for audiences to engage with. We’re excited to see the two worlds come to life for everyone to enjoy.” 

Maddie Taylor Wilson, Partnerships Business Director at MG OMD said:  

“We are really looking forward to seeing this partnership come to life. Queenie is such an exciting property and the alignment with giffgaff and what we are looking to do for the brand is spot on.”