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Channel 4 to explore modern day adoption in new three part series

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Adopting a child in the UK has never been easier, with recent changes to adoption law meaning that the time it takes someone from registering their interest as an adopter to becoming a parent is on average just six months. However, even with the number of adopters on the rise, there are still over 3,000 children known as ‘hard to place’ waiting to find a family. These children are often older, part of a sibling group or have additional needs and it’s the journey of these children finding parents that Finding Mum and Dad (wt) will focus on.

Each episode will also follow potential parents as they meet and try and match with children at an Adoption Activity Day or Party, a way of bringing families together now used by adoption organisations across the UK. The idea behind these events is that the chemistry of human interaction comes into play, and parents may fall in love with a chid they may have dismissed on paper.   With parents coming from a range of backgrounds – single parents, same sex couples or couples who have struggled to conceive – Finding Mum and Dad (wt) will capture the exciting but nervous moment when parents and children meet for the first time.  

The 3x60’ series will be made by Ricochet, who are working with Coram, an umbrella adoption organisation that runs activity days across the UK for children and prospective parents to meet.

Finding Mum and Dad (wt) was commissioned by Channel 4 Factual Entertainment commissioning editor Lucy Leveugle. The series will be produced by Ricochet with executive producers Jo Ball and Nina Davies and series producers Mark Henderson and Alex Kohler.

Lucy Leveugle said: “This promises to be a heart-warming series which is being made by talented programme-makers. Contrary to more longitudinal films on the subject, this series will reflect how adoption is evolving.”

Jo Ball added: “We’ve been moved and compelled by the natural drama Adoption Activity Days provide and it is a real privilege to be granted access to these days and get an opportunity to document that amazing moment parents and children meet each other for the first time.”