Channel 4 checks into Best Western (w/t)

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Channel 4 with Plum Pictures is delving into the world of wake-up calls and weekend breaks as they go behind the scenes of one of Britain’s oldest and largest hotel groups, Best Western.

The three-part factual entertainment series follows Best Western’s Yorkshire HQ team and its quirky collection of hoteliers as they battle to win over customers from the rival hotel chains.

Unlike other companies, Best Western’s 260 GB hotels are run by their independent owners, not directly controlled by the mother brand.

A new Australian CEO has joined the team and is on a mission to transform the membership organisation to make it more competitive and successful. The HQ team will have to tread carefully though as he tries to win over the group’s diverse mix of hoteliers with his youthful, disruptive energy and new ideas.

Best Western (w/t) is to be produced by Plum Pictures, with Stuart Cabb as Executive Producer. The 3 x 60 series has been commissioned for Channel 4 by Gilly Greenslade, Commissioning Editor, Factual Entertainment.

Gilly Greenslade, Factual Entertainment Commissioning Editor, Channel 4 comments: “This brand-new series revels in the day to day eccentricities that take place within a hospitality environment. We expect viewers to be charmed by the access-all-areas look at this hotel group’s unconventional and enjoyable ‘family- like’ employee set-up.”

Stuart Cabb, Managing Director for Plum Pictures added: “What I love so much about this series is that we have the rare opportunity to be able to tell a story of what it is like to work in one of Britain’s most competitive and important industries through joyous good humour alongside strong journalism. Viewers will hopefully love these spirited hotels owners and their staff fighting the good fight against the corporate bed factories.”

Rob Paterson, CEO of Best Western Great Britain said: “Best Western hotels have always delivered hospitality differently – packed with personality and proudly independent – but in uncertain times, sometimes that isn’t enough. I’m proud to partner with Plum Pictures and Channel 4 to take viewers behind closed doors of our brand and our quirky collection of hotels as we work on delivering an exciting new future for one of the oldest brands in the business.”

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