The Surjury

Caroline Flack to present The Surjury (w/t) for Channel 4

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Caroline Flack is to present Channel 4 factual entertainment series The Surjury (w/t), the series where a 12-strong jury of the public must decide if people get to undertake the cosmetic surgery they’ve always dreamed of. 

The Surjury (w/t), commissioned from Gobstopper television, allows people to explore their choices more thoroughly and to take measured advice from their peers, some of whom may previously have gone under the knife themselves and will happily share their views and experiences.

Candidates requesting surgery must secure the majority of the jury vote in order to get their procedure. Months later they’ll be invited back to show the results.

Caroline will introduce those wanting the surgery to the Jury, sharing facts about the procedures and the cosmetic surgery that they are requesting.

Caroline Flack said: “I’m over the moon to be hosting this exciting brand new show and my first for Channel 4.“

Becky Cadman Factual Entertainment Commissioning Editor, Channel 4 said: “We’re delighted to have Caroline on board. To many, cosmetic surgery can seem like a ‘quick fix’ to a problem, but with Caroline and the Jury’s help, this new series looks at who wants it, and why –  allowing those who make a strong enough case to their peers, to undergo the procedure of their choice. The show will neither glamorise nor condemn their choices: the aim is instead to interrogate the realities.”

Ross McCarthy CEO and Executive Producer for Gobstopper Television added: “Caroline is the perfect safe pair of hands for a format that taps into the social phenomenon of elective surgery.”

The Surjury (w/t) was commissioned by Channel 4 Factual Entertainment Commissioning Editor Becky Cadman. The series will be made by Gobstopper Television in Manchester and filmed at Dock 10.  Ross McCarthy and Sharyn Mills will Executive produce for Gobstopper Television. 

Commissioning Editor: Becky Cadman
Production Company: Gobstopper Television
Executive Producers: Ross McCarthy and Sharyn Mills

Contact: 0207 306 3751