Bedtime Live

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Every night Britain becomes a battle ground as we try to get our children to sleep. With 44% of parents struggling to keep a routine this innovative new series is going to help us all solve our problems once and for all.  Whether we are facing unruly under-fives or over tired teenagers the team of specialists will have the answers to get us all a good night’s sleep.

Going straight to the heart of families Bedtime Live will be broadcast live from the homes of overtired children as the specialists try to get the nation’s children to sleep.

Taking charge of our children’s bedtimes will be child psychologist Professor Tanya Byron and soon to be first time dad Jake Humphrey who intend to get the nations under 10’s to sleep by 9pm and look at just how much sleep our teenagers really need.

Tackling every problem with invaluable tips and simple but incredibly effective techniques, Tanya and her team of specialists will help families pushed to breaking point by their children’s terrible bedtime habits.

Across the series Bedtime Live will focus in on how teenagers might not be as lazy as their reputation would have you believe. Bedtime Live will put to the test teens sleeping habits, study techniques and obsession with modern technology to show that just an extra half an hours sleep can easily push that GCSE B to an A.

Bedtime Live will also put sleep-deprived parents to the test to find out who’s more lethal behind the wheel of a car; a drunken mum or a sleep deprived one.

Together we can win The Battle of Bedtime.