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All 4 Originals: September Highlights

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This month, All 4 has exclusive rights to popular series Seven Year Switch Australia, which sees four couples taking a drastic step to save their faltering relationships. We also the three-way dating scene in Threesome Dating and meet six adventure-seeking BASE jumpers in Over the Edge. Preconceptions of bikers are unravelled in The Unlikely Biker and comedian Kae Kurd offers some legal tips in Know Your Rights. All available to enjoy exclusively on All 4.

Seven Year Switch Australia (Live)
Launching as a complete box set, exclusively on All 4, Seven Year Switch Australia meets four desperate couples whose relationships are in turmoil, and who agree to undertake a shocking social experiment. For fourteen days, they will live with an experimental partner to assess whether the grass is greener with someone else, reuniting at the end to decide whether to split up or declare their commitment to one another.

How far will they go? Will it be make or break?

Seven Year Switch USA will follow on September 1st.

Threesome Dating (Live 1st September)
For couples and intrepid singles looking to spice up their love lives, the three-way date has definitely become a thing. This series explores the rise of the dating trend, as six couples meet willing singles for dates to test their chemistry, and the excitement of finding out if electricity sparks.

Over six episodes we meet couples such as BFFs Amber and George, who think a threesome might complete their friendship – will their date Aidan be the right man? While adventurous parents Phil and Rebecca meet bisexual babe Ashleigh to explore a possible connection.  

The Best Friends - Amber and gay pal George want
a third partner to complete their friendship. Will they like Aiden?

The Married Couple - Pedro and Matt meet flamboyant Jay. But does their Brazilian connection make the perfect match?

The Lady Lovers - Nicki and Ni meet naughty northern lad Brandon for a three-way date.

The Polyamorous Partners - Swinging couple Ciara and Alex date American Michaela. But will she fancy them both?

The Adventurous Parents - Phil and Rebecca meet bisexual babe Ashleigh to see if sparks fly.

The Free-Loving Fiancés - Emmi and Alex meet Jessica, but will they hit it off on a spiritual level?

Over the Edge (Live 1st September)
Ever have the urge to push your body to the limit? In these shorts we meet the extreme sports fanatics who are testing out one of the world’s most dangerous sports, BASE jumping, where we really see how far people will go to get that ultimate high.

The six-episode series follows adrenalin junkies such as Sam and Nate who plan to embark on one of Europe’s most dangerous BASE jumps and the fearless Dan who shows us the tricks of what it takes to become an adventure seeking jumper.

The Night Shift – Flinging himself off buildings more than any other BASE jumper, Dan takes us into his world of urban jumping.
Brotherhood – Elite wingsuit enthusiasts Sam and Nate show us the trust and bond needed to tackle Europe’s most dangerous BASE jump.

The Frontier – Andy takes us through the history of BASE jumping and the tiny group of revolutionaries who pioneered the art of low altitude BASE.

My Playground – Ellen is one of the world’s best wingsuit jumpers with experience soaring beside Mont Blanc in Chamonix.

Risk – Ken shares a rundown of the huge risks that come with the addictive sport.

Fight or Flight – War veteran Jamie uses BASE jumping to quench a thirst for adrenalin and adventure.  

Know Your Rights (Live 1st September)
What would you do if a police officer approached you wanting to do a search check? What exactly are your choices? With police powers under intense scrutiny, comedian Kae Kurd explores the legality of ‘stop and search’ and other issues facing us today. From sex and drugs to hackers and harassment – these shorts are a guide to knowing your rights.  

The Unlikely Bikers (September TBC)
In this series of shorts, we help break down the stereotypes people have about bikers. Often branded as unruly, tattooed and rebellious – in this series we show how biking appeals to people of all types and why not to judge a book by its cover.

These six shorts will invite you into the world of the motorcycle experience exploring how riding has become a symbol of freedom and power. It’s more than a mode of transport offering a to b, motorcycling is a form of expression and a lifestyle choice bringing people together from different walks of life. The Unlikely Bikers introduces us to those who live for beautiful machinery, helmets and leathers, and thrive on the addictive thrill that each ride provides – including the likes of Claire, a paralysed ex horse-rider and Vicky the lesbian librarian to Candice the porn star – we show you how being part of a culture has benefited them.

The Reverend – Ray shows us his calling later in life by building a motorcycle hearse.

The Glamour Model – Candice loves nothing more than getting into her leathers to go on a thrill ride.

The Comedian – Student minister and entertainer Leo shows us how quick and easy it is to get round London on his motorbike.

The Bionic Woman – We meet Claire, paralysed from a horse accident, who isn’t afraid to learn how to race a motorcycle.
The Legal Eagle – This biker likes to switch his courtroom wig for a helmet and take on the freedom of the open road.

The Estate Agent – Never judge a biker by their leathers, this biker shows us her reason to why the motorcycling culture and community has benefited her.


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