2011: Up to 100 dead in Syria as protests spread There are reports of up to 100 deaths as security forces in Syria open fire on protesters. This report from Keme Nzerem contains disturbing images.
2012: The Horror in Homs As the bombardment in the Syrian city of Homs continues, Channel 4 News broadcasts a special report from a photographer who captures with shocking clarity the intense assault on the city.
2013: Syria’s Descent – the agony of Aleppo’s children For Aleppo’s children “blood has become like water”. Filmmaker Marcel Mettelsiefen has spent several weeks meeting children facing unimaginable horror as they work in a city hospital.
2014: Children of Aleppo – the horrors of war As diplomats squabble in Switzerland, on the ground the lives of children are being moulded by the horrors of war. A new film, to be aired on Channel 4, meets five of them
2015: Living under the horrors of barrel bombs in Aleppo Barrel bombs, indiscriminate weapons responsible for the deaths of 11,000 civilians in the Syrian civil war, are the increasing weapons of choice of the Assad regime.
2016: The Last Gardener of Aleppo For most of the last five years there has been a small oasis of colour and life amidst the destruction and grief of rebel-held Aleppo. It’s the garden centre, which has supplied plants and blooms and foliage to people in that part of the city.
2016: Inside Aleppo This is the story of Aleppo – told with the help of one incredible filmmaker in the city who reveals the humanity of many of those trapped inside one of the world’s most dangerous places.
2016: The last hospital in rebel-held Aleppo Whilst the world has watched appalled as ceasefire and evacuation deals have been made and broken in Aleppo, it has been hard to imagine what it was really like to be trapped and injured in a tiny piece of a broken city, bombed from the air and surrounded by rebels and militias on the ground.
2017: On the frontline as Tiger Forces battle IS We’ve just returned from Syria, where we’ve been spending time with an elite unit of the Syrian army called the Tiger Forces.
2018: Syria’s Disappeared – New evidence that military leaders knew of torture Filmmakers Sara Afshar and Nicola Cutcher reveal evidence showing the Head of Military Intelligence asked to be informed about every single death of an individual in his custody.
2019: Exclusive – Rescue workers in Syria apparently targeted by multiple airstrikes, investigation finds Footage obtained by Channel 4 News appears to show so-called ‘double-tap’ airstrike in Idlib province, with rescuers hit in follow-up attack.
2021: Former Syrian official convicted by German court in first case of its kind Today, a German court found a former member of President Assad’s secret police guilty of facilitating the torture of prisoners.

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