In April 2021, a series of volcanic eruptions on the island of St. Vincent blanketed it in ash. The eruptions from the La Soufriere volcano forced thousands to flee their homes. Channel 4 News reporter Ayshah Tull and journalist Kenton Chance were among the first to report from the Caribbean island.

On the ground in St Vincent as volcano ‘destroying everything in its path’ The Caribbean island of St Vincent has been rocked by a huge explosion, as the La Soufrière volcano fired a huge plume of ash and hot gas into the skies.
St Vincent call for more international aid as volcanic threat remains It’s nine days since the volcano on the Caribbean island of St Vincent erupted spewing ash six miles into the air. Thousands of people were evacuated to safer parts of the island. But even in the south there’s no getting away from the volcanic dust which covers almost everything. There’s now a shortage of water…
St Vincent: Thousands seek safety in shelters as eruptions continue There have been more volcanic eruptions on the Caribbean island of St Vincent, with thousands of people seeking safety in government shelters.
St Vincent running out of clean water after series of volcanic eruptions The World Bank has today pledged $20 million in aid to the government of St Vincent and the Grenadines, where at least 7,000 people have been forced to flee their homes following a series of volcanic eruptions, the latest just hours ago. Authorities there say the island of St Vincent is now running out of…
St Vincent authorities urge people to leave their homes before further eruptions To the Caribbean Island of St Vincent, where authorities are urging any residents refusing to leave their homes to get out for their own safety before further eruptions expected from La Soufriere volcano.
St Vincent: ‘I’ve never seen such devastation’ – Island counts cost of volcanic eruption The finance minister of St Vincent and the Grenadines has told Channel 4 News his country’s recovery from a volcanic eruption could cost half the nation’s GDP.
St Vincent: tens of thousands living in shelters as UN launches funding appeal The United Nations has launched a global funding appeal for St Vincent and the Grenadines to help the country’s recovery from ongoing volcanic eruptions.

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