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Local elections 2022: PM says Tories had ‘tough night’ Boris Johnson called it a “mixed set of results”, but however the prime minister tried to frame it, the Tories have lost hundreds of seats up and down the country.
Starmer says no rules were broken, as he faces police probe over alleged lockdown breach Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer has insisted he is “confident no rules were broken” as Durham police said they’d be investigating allegations that he broke lockdown rules in April last year while campaigning in the run up to the Hartlepool by-election. 
Scottish Conservatives on course for worst electoral result in a decade In Scotland it looks like the Conservatives are on course for their worst electoral result there in a decade, with Labour now the main party challenging the SNP.
‘Bruising’ results for Conservatives in Wales as they lose their last remaining council In Wales, with 18 councils fully declared so far, there have been some significant losses for the Conservatives, including their last remaining council, Monmouthshire, with Labour now the biggest party there.
Voters in Wales telling PM ‘get your act together,’ says Welsh secretary We spoke to the Welsh secretary Simon Hart, and began by asking him how he felt about the Conservatives’ poor performance.
Local elections 2022: Labour has more work to do, says shadow health secretary We were joined by Shadow Health Secretary Wes Streeting.
Sinn Féin on track to be largest party in Northern Ireland Assembly History might be made in Northern Ireland today. Sinn Féin looks set to emerge as the largest party in the Stormont Assembly, which would give them the right to nominate the next first minister.
Local election results show Tories have ‘real political problem’, Gavin Barwell says We spoke to the former Number 10 chief of staff, Gavin Barwell, who’s now in the House of Lords. We began by asking him what he thinks of Boris Johnson and what the conservative party should do with him.
1,200 seats up for grabs as Wales prepares for local elections As with those in Scotland and many parts of England, the local elections in Wales will be a test of how national issues might be affecting the fortunes of political parties.
Scottish voters prepare to head to polls for local elections It looks like the soaring cost of living and community issues will be high up on the agenda in Thursday’s local elections.
Northern Ireland election 2022: Polls suggest Sinn Fein set to become largest party Voters in Northern Ireland will elect a new assembly next week.

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