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To Tell a Story

A forum of debate, which aired in the early 1980s, about the key issues in the world of the arts and the life of the mind

John Berger and Susan Sontag exchange ideas on the 'lost art' of story-telling

Al Alvarez hosts a discussion of the Jewish contribution to western culture

First shown: Wed 3 Nov 1982 | 51 mins

The End of the Jewish Example

Frank Kermode argues that our culture seems to be in decline

First shown: Wed 17 Nov 1982 | 61 mins

A Slow Catastrophe

A discussion of how the dictates of commercialism force a new fashion in art each year

First shown: Wed 15 Dec 1982 | 63 mins

Mere Passing Fashions

Discussing whether an authoritarian system can produce more creativity than the free West

First shown: Wed 12 Jan 1983 | 64 mins

Art, Repression and Freedom

John Berger and Susan Sontag exchange ideas on the 'lost art' of story-telling

First shown: Wed 9 Feb 1983 | 64 mins

To Tell a Story

Richard Sennett argues that movements defined by sexuality could be diminished

First shown: Thu 24 Feb 1983 | 57 mins

Sexuality and Identity

David Edgar argues that an ominous change is taking place in British theatre

First shown: Thu 10 Mar 1983 | 55 mins

Is Jimmy Porter Dead?

Mary Warnock questions a separate feminist approach to art and literature

First shown: Thu 24 Mar 1983 | 55 mins

Feminism and Culture

Andre Gorz argues that technological change will dispense with work as we know it

First shown: Wed 20 Apr 1983 | 64 mins

Farewell to the Working Class

Terry Eagleton argues that literature is in crisis, isolated from society's major concerns

First shown: Wed 4 May 1983 | 64 mins

The Death of Literature?

Fritjof Capra argues that the mechanical world-view of Newton and Descartes is outmoted

First shown: Wed 18 May 1983 | 75 mins

The Turning Point

Professor Ted Honderich chairs a discussion of the relationship between mind and brain

First shown: Wed 22 Feb 1984 | 57 mins

Whose Mind Is It Anyway?

A discussion on whether computers can replicate understanding and consciousness

First shown: Wed 29 Feb 1984 | 59 mins

Artificial Intelligence: New Minds for Old

Technologies of Freedom? Exploring the underlying implications of the high tech revolution

First shown: Wed 7 Mar 1984 | 59 mins

The Chip, the Bird, the Wire and the Screen

A discussion on the implications of Artificial Intelligence

First shown: Wed 14 Mar 1984 | 54 mins

Artificial Intelligence: Too Clever by Half?

A discussion on the relationship of the human world with the animal world

First shown: Wed 21 Mar 1984 | 52 mins

Our Place in the Natural Order

A discussion on the validity of the science of sociobiology

First shown: Wed 28 Mar 1984 | 59 mins

Sociobiology: Culture on a Leash?

Discussing whether socialism and liberalism will give way to a new post-modern politics

First shown: Wed 4 Apr 1984 | 59 mins

The Post Modern Condition: The End of Politics?

A look at how if the new art is to survive, it must maintain its position of 'marginality'

First shown: Wed 11 Apr 1984 | 54 mins

Art after Modernism

Discussion on whether it is right that science can displace other forms of knowledge

First shown: Wed 18 Apr 1984 | 55 mins

Scientific Reason: Truth or Illusion?