A forum of debate, which aired in the early 1980s, about the key issues in the world of the arts and the life of the mind


Al Alvarez hosts a discussion of the Jewish contribution to western culture

First shown: Wed 3 Nov 1982 | 51 mins

The End of the Jewish Example

Frank Kermode argues that our culture seems to be in decline

First shown: Wed 17 Nov 1982 | 61 mins

A Slow Catastrophe

A discussion of how the dictates of commercialism force a new fashion in art each year

First shown: Wed 15 Dec 1982 | 63 mins

Mere Passing Fashions

Discussing whether an authoritarian system can produce more creativity than the free West

First shown: Wed 12 Jan 1983 | 64 mins

Art, Repression and Freedom

John Berger and Susan Sontag exchange ideas on the 'lost art' of story-telling

First shown: Wed 9 Feb 1983 | 64 mins

To Tell a Story

Richard Sennett argues that movements defined by sexuality could be diminished

First shown: Thu 24 Feb 1983 | 57 mins

Sexuality and Identity

David Edgar argues that an ominous change is taking place in British theatre

First shown: Thu 10 Mar 1983 | 55 mins

Is Jimmy Porter Dead?

Mary Warnock questions a separate feminist approach to art and literature

First shown: Thu 24 Mar 1983 | 55 mins

Feminism and Culture

Andre Gorz argues that technological change will dispense with work as we know it

First shown: Wed 20 Apr 1983 | 64 mins

Farewell to the Working Class

Terry Eagleton argues that literature is in crisis, isolated from society's major concerns

First shown: Wed 4 May 1983 | 64 mins

The Death of Literature?

Fritjof Capra argues that the mechanical world-view of Newton and Descartes is outmoted

First shown: Wed 18 May 1983 | 75 mins

The Turning Point

Professor Ted Honderich chairs a discussion of the relationship between mind and brain

First shown: Wed 22 Feb 1984 | 57 mins

Whose Mind Is It Anyway?

A discussion on whether computers can replicate understanding and consciousness

First shown: Wed 29 Feb 1984 | 59 mins

Artificial Intelligence: New Minds for Old

Technologies of Freedom? Exploring the underlying implications of the high tech revolution

First shown: Wed 7 Mar 1984 | 59 mins

The Chip, the Bird, the Wire and the Screen

A discussion on the implications of Artificial Intelligence

First shown: Wed 14 Mar 1984 | 54 mins

Artificial Intelligence: Too Clever by Half?

A discussion on the relationship of the human world with the animal world

First shown: Wed 21 Mar 1984 | 52 mins

Our Place in the Natural Order

A discussion on the validity of the science of sociobiology

First shown: Wed 28 Mar 1984 | 59 mins

Sociobiology: Culture on a Leash?

Discussing whether socialism and liberalism will give way to a new post-modern politics

First shown: Wed 4 Apr 1984 | 59 mins

The Post Modern Condition: The End of Politics?

A look at how if the new art is to survive, it must maintain its position of 'marginality'

First shown: Wed 11 Apr 1984 | 54 mins

Art after Modernism

Discussion on whether it is right that science can displace other forms of knowledge

First shown: Wed 18 Apr 1984 | 55 mins

Scientific Reason: Truth or Illusion?