Tuca & Bertie
Series 3 Episode 1

Tuca's got a new job and love interest, Speckle is making a big splash and Bertie's barely treading water until she has the chance to prove herself

The Mole: Tuca's in trouble so Bertie dives deep to understand how to help!

First shown: Thu 13 Oct 2022 | 22 mins

Somebirdy's Getting Married: There's a wedding in Bird Town, which means being forced to mingle with ex-lovers

First shown: Thu 6 Oct 2022 | 22 mins

Fledging Day: Bertie might have some mommy issues! Tuca coaches Speckle through a tough life stage.

First shown: Thu 29 Sep 2022 | 22 mins

A Very Speckle Episode: Being an architect's tough, and Speckle is this close to losing it

First shown: Thu 22 Sep 2022 | 22 mins

Screech Leeches: The girls revisit Bertie's spookiest memory: a high school friendship that got intense

First shown: Thu 15 Sep 2022 | 22 mins

Salad Days: Yeast Week is here again! Tuca and Speckle wrangle a rowdy duck into submission.

First shown: Thu 8 Sep 2022 | 22 mins

Leaf Raking: Tuca juggles lust and sexual dysfunction. Bertie and Speckle try their hands at parenting.

First shown: Thu 1 Sep 2022 | 22 mins

The One Where Bertie Gets Eaten by a Snake: Bertie gets eaten by a snake. Everyone else tries their best to deal with the situation.

First shown: Thu 25 Aug 2022 | 22 mins

The Pain Garden: Tuca faces a mysterious health issue. Bertie accidentally takes a liking to Tuca's beau.

First shown: Thu 18 Aug 2022 | 22 mins

Leveling Up: Tuca's got a new job and love interest, and Bertie's barely treading water

First shown: Thu 11 Aug 2022 | 22 mins