Time Team
Series 8 Episode 6

The Team came to Rycote Park to try to find the remains of a country house that once played host to five reigning monarchs. What was left of the original Tudor mansion?

Anglo-Saxon Cemetery in Lincolnshire: The team investigate reports of a Saxon cemetery lost in the ground in Lincolnshire

First shown: Sun 7 Jan 2001 | 49 mins

The Man Who Bought a Castle, Alderton, Northamptonshire: Time Team are at amateur archaeologist Derek Batten's castle in Northamptonshire

First shown: Sun 14 Jan 2001 | 49 mins

The Celtic Spring, Llygadwy, Wales: The Team investigate a site in one garden in Wales that is littered with bronze axe heads

First shown: Sun 21 Jan 2001 | 50 mins

A Waltham Villa, Gloucestershire: The Team search for the site of a Roman villa

First shown: Sun 23 Jan 2000 | 50 mins

The Lost Viaduct, Blaenafon, South Wales: In Blaenavon, South Wales, Time Team are investigating the world's first working railway

First shown: Sun 4 Feb 2001 | 50 mins

A Palace Sold for Scrap, Rycote, Oxfordshire: The Team hunt for the remains of a country house that hosted five reigning monarchs

First shown: Sun 11 Feb 2001 | 50 mins

An Iron-Age Roundhouse on Salisbury Plain: The Team are on Salisbury Plain and there's Roman pottery and an Iron Age fort nearby

First shown: Sun 18 Feb 2001 | 49 mins

The Bone Cave, Alveston, Gloucestershire: The experts examine archaeological evidence of cannibalism in the UK

First shown: Thu 1 Mar 2001 | 49 mins

The Inter-City Villa, Basildon, Berkshire: In 1838, navvies laying Brunel's Great Western Railway found two Roman floor mosaics

First shown: Sun 25 Feb 2001 | 50 mins

Holy Island, Northumberland: Lindisfarne, or Holy Island, is one of England's most remote, historic and mystical places

First shown: Sun 4 Mar 2001 | 49 mins