Time Team
Series 6 Episode 7

Tony and the Team take to the fairways to discover why there's a well-preserved Roman bathhouse sitting on a Sussex golf course

Burslem, Stoke on Trent: Time Team investigate the site of Josiah Wedgwood's first ever factory

First shown: Sun 3 Jan 1999 | 51 mins

Papcastle, Cumbria: Papcastle, a small village outside Cockermouth in Cumbria, boasts a Roman fort

First shown: Sun 10 Jan 1999 | 51 mins

Thetford, Norfolk: The site of Thetford Grammar School in Norfolk stands on the site of a Dominican friary

First shown: Sun 17 Jan 1999 | 51 mins

Cheddar Gorge, Somerset: Tony and the Team look for evidence of Stone Age man at Cooper's Hole in Cheddar Gorge

First shown: Sun 24 Jan 1999 | 51 mins

Plympton, Devon: Tony and the Team dig up back gardens near Plympton in Devon's ruined Norman castle

First shown: Sun 31 Jan 1999 | 51 mins

Smallhythe, Kent: Tony and the Team search for Henry V's lost dockyard, miles from the sea

First shown: Sun 7 Feb 1999 | 51 mins

Beauport Park, East Sussex: Why is there a well-preserved Roman bathhouse on a Sussex golf course?

First shown: Sun 14 Feb 1999 | 51 mins

Reedham Marshes, Norfolk: The Team excavate a US B17 bomber that crashed into Reedham marshes in 1944

First shown: Sun 21 Feb 1999 | 51 mins

Turkdean, Gloucestershire: Tony and the Team return to the Roman villa in the Cotswolds that they discovered in 1998

First shown: Sun 28 Feb 1999 | 51 mins

Kemerton, Worcestershire: Tony and the Team unlock the secrets of an entire Iron Age village in the Malvern Hills

First shown: Sun 7 Mar 1999 | 50 mins