The West Wing
Series 4 Episode 6

Bartlet rehearses for his debate with his Republican rival, Governor Robert Ritchie. Meanwhile, Leo negotiates a peaceful settlement to the escalating Qumar-Israel conflict.

20 Hours in America: Part I: Josh, Toby and Donna are stranded in Indiana after a presidential speech

First shown: Tue 22 Jul 2003 | 42 mins

20 Hours in America: Part II: Donna teaches Toby and Josh an important lesson as their trek homeward continues

First shown: Tue 29 Jul 2003 | 42 mins

College Kids: The team prepare for the inquiry into Bartlet's involvement in the Qumari assassination

First shown: Tue 5 Aug 2003 | 43 mins

The Red Mass: Bartlet mulls over the potential consequences of ordering a raid on domestic terrorists

First shown: Tue 12 Aug 2003 | 42 mins

Debate Camp: While he's on a weekend retreat, the President learns of an Israeli attack on Qumar

First shown: Tue 19 Aug 2003 | 42 mins

Game On: Bartlet rehearses for his debate with his Republican rival, Governor Robert Ritchie

First shown: Tue 26 Aug 2003 | 42 mins

Election Night: On election day, Bartlet and his staff begin counting exit polls across the country

First shown: Tue 2 Sep 2003 | 42 mins

Process Stories: As the staff celebrate Bartlet's re-election, Sam contemplates his place in politics

First shown: Tue 9 Sep 2003 | 42 mins

Swiss Diplomacy: Iran's Ayatollah wants his son to be flown to the US for life-saving surgery

First shown: Tue 16 Sep 2003 | 40 mins

Arctic Radar: Sam packs up to begin his California congressional campaign. CJ clashes with a reporter.

First shown: Tue 23 Sep 2003 | 42 mins