The Big Bang Theory
Series 7 Episode 8

Leonard thinks Sheldon will over-react when he admits he failed to return a DVD to the rental shop seven years ago, but Sheldon is surprisingly calm. Can Leonard really get away with his mistake?

The Hofstadter Insufficiency: Sheldon and Penny bond in Leonard's absence. Raj shares his heartache.

First shown: Thu 31 Oct 2013 | 20 mins

The Deception Verification: Leonard returns early from his research expedition as a surprise for Penny

First shown: Thu 7 Nov 2013 | 20 mins

The Scavenger Vortex: Raj organises an epic and demanding scavenger hunt for his friends

First shown: Thu 14 Nov 2013 | 20 mins

The Raiders Minimization: Sheldon plots his revenge when Amy ruins one of his favourite films

First shown: Thu 21 Nov 2013 | 20 mins

The Workplace Proximity: Amy tells Sheldon that she's been asked to work on a project at his university

First shown: Thu 28 Nov 2013 | 18 mins

The Romance Resonance: Sheldon feels like a fraud when he accidentally makes an important scientific discovery

First shown: Thu 5 Dec 2013 | 20 mins

The Proton Displacement: Sheldon feels left out when Professor Proton asks Leonard to read his latest publication

First shown: Thu 12 Dec 2013 | 19 mins

The Itchy Brain Simulation: Leonard fears how Sheldon will react when he admits that he forgot to return a rental DVD

First shown: Thu 16 Jan 2014 | 19 mins

The Thanksgiving Decoupling: Howard asks the gang to spend Thanksgiving with him, his mum and his grumpy father-in-law

First shown: Thu 23 Jan 2014 | 18 mins

The Discovery Dissipation: Sheldon feels guilty about the attention he gets after accidentally finding a new element

First shown: Thu 3 Apr 2014 | 19 mins