Royal Crackers
Series 1 Episode 10

When Matt's computer is destroyed by an internet prankster, he takes a job at Royal Crackers to save enough money to buy a replacement

Pilot: Tragedy strikes the Hornsby family when their beloved patriarch falls into a super coma

First shown: Mon 3 Apr 2023 | 21 mins

Theo's Comeback Tour: Theo kicks off his solo career on a world tour. Stebe and Deb experiment with hard drugs.

First shown: Mon 3 Apr 2023 | 21 mins

Factory 37: The team work extra hard to make sure Factory 37 is up to code for an inspection

First shown: Mon 3 Apr 2023 | 21 mins

Stebe: When Theo's former bandmate appears, Stebe is thrown into a full-blown identity crisis

First shown: Mon 10 Apr 2023 | 21 mins

Business Mom: Deb becomes the target of internet backlash after an altercation at a local grocery store

First shown: Mon 17 Apr 2023 | 22 mins

Mayworth: A botched birthday party makes Theodore Hornsby Sr recount a troubling event from his past

First shown: Mon 24 Apr 2023 | 22 mins

The Point One Percent: The Hornsbys attend a deviant billionaire's exclusive annual yacht party

First shown: Mon 1 May 2023 | 21 mins

Casa De Darby: The family visit California when Stebe lands Royal Crackers a lucrative sitcom brand deal

First shown: Mon 8 May 2023 | 21 mins

CrackerCon: The team go to Nevada for the the Super Bowl for global snack food companies: CrackerCon

First shown: Mon 15 May 2023 | 22 mins

Craftopia: When Matt's computer is destroyed, he takes a job at Royal Crackers to buy a replacement

First shown: Mon 22 May 2023 | 22 mins