Series 4 Episode 14

It's the final! The three remaining teams have 28 hours to build anything they want, and will be judged by 200 members of the public. Who'll bag the $100,000?

Grand Finale: The teams have 28 hours to build anything. Members of the public choose who wins $100,000.

First shown: Sun 2 Apr 2023 | 72 mins

Series 4 Episode 14

Sky's the Limit: The teams are given a Lego cloud and can create anything they like on it

First shown: Sun 26 Mar 2023 | 71 mins

Series 4 Episode 13

Three Act Story: The teams build stories on rotating bases with areas for the story's start, middle and end

First shown: Sun 19 Mar 2023 | 56 mins

Series 4 Episode 12

Window to the Future: The teams build visions of the future, including a zero gravity skatepark, and Doomsday

First shown: Sun 12 Mar 2023 | 53 mins

Series 4 Episode 11

High Wire and Secret Cities: The teams have to create a build that can drag itself across a high wire

First shown: Sun 5 Mar 2023 | 76 mins

Series 4 Episode 10

Blown Away: The teams must create a build that functions from the power of a wind contraption

First shown: Sun 26 Feb 2023 | 57 mins

Series 4 Episode 9

Spooky: The teams must create a spooky place in 10 hours, and it needs to surround a scary castle

First shown: Sun 19 Feb 2023 | 56 mins

Series 4 Episode 8

Dragon Race and Grandscapes: The teams must build tiny dragons that are small enough to fly on a drone

First shown: Sun 12 Feb 2023 | 78 mins

Series 4 Episode 7

Bridge Too Far: The teams need to create a bridge that can survive two shaking plates

First shown: Sun 5 Feb 2023 | 62 mins

Series 4 Episode 6

Cut-Away: The teams build a model that's whole on one side but cut in half on the other

First shown: Sun 29 Jan 2023 | 58 mins

Series 4 Episode 5

Car of the Future: The builders make a futuristic car that balances on a magnetic platform

First shown: Sun 22 Jan 2023 | 79 mins

Series 4 Episode 4

Build that Tune: The teams build song titles, but the builds have to be clear what songs they are based on

First shown: Sun 15 Jan 2023 | 58 mins

Series 4 Episode 3

Stuntman: The teams make stunt vehicles that can jump through a ring of fire and over Lego buses

First shown: Sun 8 Jan 2023 | 59 mins

Series 4 Episode 2

Drain the Ocean: The eight teams have 16 hours to build a scene set on the seabed

First shown: Sun 1 Jan 2023 | 78 mins

Series 4 Episode 1