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The Lego-building show heads to Australia where eight teams of two compete to become the Lego Masters and win $100,000, hosted by Hamish Blake


The Australian version of the brick-building show returns for a third series, in which teams of two battle it out to become the Lego Masters and bag the $100,000 grand prize

The Grand Finale: The teams have 28 hours to build anything they fancy. Who'll win the $100k and Lego crown?

Sun 6 Nov, 4pm | 70 mins

Series 3 Episode 14

Out on a Limb: The teams have 10 hours to do up an empty tree branch that was connected to a Lego tree

Sun 30 Oct, 6.15pm | 77 mins

Series 3 Episode 13

House of Colour: The teams are given identical, greyscale houses and have to bring them to life with colour

Sun 23 Oct, 5.50pm | 54 mins

Series 3 Episode 12

Heroic Moment of Impact: The teams have 10 hours to create an action scene from the Marvel Cinematic Universe

Sun 16 Oct, 5.55pm | 55 mins

Series 3 Episode 11

No Wheels Race and Dream Home: The teams make vehicles - without wheels - that can speed down a purpose-built track

Sun 9 Oct, 5.15pm | 77 mins

Series 3 Episode 10

Arcade Game: The teams have 12 hours to build an original arcade game based on a blind minifig pick

Sun 2 Oct, 4.40pm | 53 mins

Series 3 Episode 9

Four Seasons: The seasons are used in a test of art, technical ability and storytelling

Sun 25 Sep, 3.40pm | 60 mins

Series 3 Episode 8

Will It Fly & Go Big or Go Home: The teams make a build that can float for 10 seconds when suspended from a helium balloon

Sun 18 Sep, 4.15pm | 80 mins

Series 3 Episode 7

Cut in Half: The teams make a creation that bolts onto something that's been cut in half

Sun 11 Sep, 4.55pm | 63 mins

Series 3 Episode 6

Hero's Quest: The builders have 12 hours to create an adventure from a part of a map

Sun 4 Sep, 4pm | 63 mins

Series 3 Episode 5

Fantastical Beasts / Mission to Mars: The teams have to build a fantastical beast and make a module to go inside a space shuttle

Sun 28 Aug, 5.15pm | 79 mins

Series 3 Episode 4

Snow Globe: The teams have 10 hours to design and build a creation that looks lovely in a snow globe

Sun 21 Aug, 4.35pm | 59 mins

Series 3 Episode 3

Castles and Cannonballs: The teams have eight hours to build a castle, which is then smashed by a bowling ball

Sun 14 Aug, 3.40pm | 63 mins

Series 3 Episode 2

Stop in Your Tracks: The teams are tasked to build a show-stopping piece that will stop a train in its tracks

Sun 7 Aug, 3.35pm | 82 mins

Series 3 Episode 1