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The Lego-building show heads to Australia where eight teams of two compete to become the Lego Masters and win $100,000, hosted by Hamish Blake


The Australian version of the Lego-building show returns for a second series, with eight new teams of two competing to become the Lego Masters and win the $100,000 grand prize. Hamish Blake hosts.

Finale: It's the finale, and the remaining teams have 28 hours to create a build of their choice

First shown: Sun 6 Mar 2022 | 66 mins

Series 2 Episode 11

Smash and Grab/Day and Night: The teams have 12 hours to build a city block that tells a story during both day and night

First shown: Sun 27 Feb 2022 | 81 mins

Series 2 Episode 10

Underwater World: The teams have 12 hours to build a model that will be submerged underwater

First shown: Sun 20 Feb 2022 | 57 mins

Series 2 Episode 9

Star Wars: The teams build an original vehicle that looks like it belongs in the Star Wars universe

First shown: Sun 13 Feb 2022 | 52 mins

Series 2 Episode 8

Above & Below / Retro Rebuild: The teams have to build on both sides of a table, and recreate an old item

First shown: Sun 6 Feb 2022 | 77 mins

Series 2 Episode 7

3D Art: Five teams build a piece of 3D art inside a picture frame

First shown: Sun 30 Jan 2022 | 51 mins

Series 2 Episode 6

Make & Shake: The teams have eight hours to build a tower that will be tested on a shake plate

First shown: Sun 23 Jan 2022 | 49 mins

Series 2 Episode 5

Tall Tower and One Hanging Brick: The teams are tasked with building the tallest tower they can

First shown: Sun 16 Jan 2022 | 80 mins

Series 2 Episode 4

Fairy Tales: In the first elimination, the teams have 12 hours to recreate classic fairy tale scenes

First shown: Sun 9 Jan 2022 | 52 mins

Series 2 Episode 3

Hero Shot: The teams must build a movie set and then explode it to create a slow-motion action scene

First shown: Sun 2 Jan 2022 | 58 mins

Series 2 Episode 2

A Whole New World: The builders have 15 hours to create a brand-new world of their own

First shown: Sun 26 Dec 2021 | 85 mins

Series 2 Episode 1