Ice Cold Murders: Rocco Schiavone

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    Episode 6

    After the incident, Rocco is questioned by his bosses. Depressed and upset, he is unable to return to his everyday job, until he's roused by a quest for revenge.

    Strong language and violence from the start.This episode is subtitled95 mins
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    Episode 5

    The Berguet case is reopened when the instigator of the kidnapping is murdered in prison. Rocco becomes determined to get to the criminal organisation that controls the region's economy.

    Strong language, violence and language which viewers may find offensiveThis episode is subtitled97 mins
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    Episode 4

    When the daughter of a well-known and wealthy local builder is kidnapped, Rocco and his team jump into action. But Rocco senses that something is off.

    Graphic images with strong language and sexual scenes from the startThis episode is subtitled95 mins
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    Episode 3

    Rocco initiates parallel investigations into the tragic death of a rock climber and the mysterious discovery of a mummified corpse

    Strong language with sexual scenesThis episode is subtitled95 mins
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    Episode 2

    Rocco and his team investigate the case of a dead woman found hanging from a chandelier, and there's something not quite right about this apparent suicide

    Strong language, violence, nudity and disturbing graphic images from the startThis episode is subtitled96 mins
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    Episode 1

    After Detective Rocco Schiavone is posted to Aosta, a dramatic case turns up on the ski slopes. And a friend calls to tempt Rocco with a dubious opportunity.

    Strong language with graphic images from the startThis episode is subtitled94 mins
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    Walter's Intro

    Rocco Schiavone is a charismatic rule-breaking cop whose irregular behaviour has seen him banished from his beloved Rome. Now he must get used to a new and colder world in this Italian crime drama.

    This episode is subtitled1 min 11