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Series 19 Episode 5

Jimmy finds microplastics in some of our most popular soft drinks. Kate Quilton tackles nettles. And Amanda Byram asks why do rhubarb and custard go so well together?

Next on TV: Thu 1 Dec, 8pm

What exactly is locust bean gum? And why is strawberry juice so elusive?

First shown: Mon 17 Oct 2022 | 23 mins

Series 23 Episode 5

This time it's salami, apples and cider, and how a humble vegetable came to be trademarked

First shown: Mon 10 Oct 2022 | 23 mins

Series 23 Episode 4

The team uncork the mystery of wine and hangovers. And peas, plastic and grated cheese.

First shown: Mon 3 Oct 2022 | 24 mins

Series 23 Episode 3

Recipe boxes are hugely popular - but are they good value? Plus: Smelly fish and water.

First shown: Mon 29 Aug 2022 | 23 mins

Series 23 Episode 2

The gang do sausages, orange wine, and a high-tech shortbread slicer

First shown: Mon 22 Aug 2022 | 23 mins

Series 23 Episode 1

Sour sweets, slow-melting ice cream, set versus runny jam, and the 'short' in shortbread

First shown: Mon 18 Jul 2022 | 47 mins

Food Unwrapped's Sweet Feast

Jimmy Doherty unwraps some of his all-time favourite Asian adventures

First shown: Mon 11 Jul 2022 | 47 mins

Food Unwrapped: Jimmy's Asian Adventures

High-end mozzarella. The story of gelato. And the saucy secrets behind pasta shapes.

First shown: Mon 4 Jul 2022 | 47 mins

Food Unwrapped's Italian Adventures

At the Shreddies factory, Matt learns how cereals keep their crunch

First shown: Mon 27 Jun 2022 | 47 mins

Food Unwrapped's Breakfast Buffet

Who put the hole in doughnuts, and how much honey is there in a honeycomb?

First shown: Mon 20 Jun 2022 | 47 mins

Food Unwrapped's Sweet Treat

The gang share some baking-related inside info: from choc chip cookies to shiny pretzels

First shown: Mon 23 May 2022 | 47 mins

Food Unwrapped Gets Baking

Brioche buns and burgers. All about ice cream. The truth about wine bottles.

First shown: Mon 16 May 2022 | 23 mins

Series 22 Episode 2

Matt's in Fray Bentos, Uruguay, looking for the 'corn' in corned beef

First shown: Mon 9 May 2022 | 24 mins

Series 22 Episode 1

In pursuit of the perfect tomato. Risotto rice v long grain? And pork scratchings.

First shown: Mon 28 Mar 2022 | 23 mins

Tomatoes, Risotto Rice, Pork Scratchings

Some favourite vegetarian investigations, from tasty meat-free burgers to edible seaweed

First shown: Mon 10 Jan 2022 | 47 mins

Food Unwrapped Goes Veggie

The team dig deep for food hacks for health and well-being, from chia seeds to watermelon

First shown: Mon 3 Jan 2022 | 68 mins

Food Unwrapped's Healthy New Year

The gang unwrap festive facts. What's the secret to perfect stollen?

First shown: Mon 6 Dec 2021 | 47 mins

Food Unwrapped's Christmas Cracker

Why does pasta come in so many shapes? How do ready meals get their spice rating?

First shown: Mon 29 Nov 2021 | 23 mins

Series 21 Episode 3

How did sticky rice get its name? Is cabbage really a saviour for breastfeeding mums?

First shown: Mon 22 Nov 2021 | 23 mins

Series 21 Episode 2

The team explore how the UK food industry is meeting the challenges of climate change

First shown: Mon 15 Nov 2021 | 23 mins

Series 21 Episode 1