29 Sep 2019: The Totally Disastrous One

Dean plans a series of controlled disasters for the 'Wedding That Goes Wrong'. Bride Kayleigh might find it hard to see the funny side of setting someone on fire at the ceremony.

Leon wants to get wed on a beach in Weymouth. Kirsty wants a more special fairy-tale day.

First shown: Mon 16 Mar 2020 | 47 mins

16 Mar 2020: The Wet 'n' Wild Weymouth One

Harry wants a royal wedding but bride-to-be Charlotte wants something more low key

First shown: Mon 9 Mar 2020 | 47 mins

9 Mar 2020: The One with the Wannabe King

Fun-loving groom Liam wants a wedding day that celebrates his homeland, the Isle of Wight

First shown: Mon 2 Mar 2020 | 47 mins

2 Mar 2020: The One with the Wight Wedding

In this feature-length episode, Andy plans an authentic Ukrainian wedding... in Ukraine

First shown: Mon 24 Feb 2020 | 67 mins

24 Feb 2020: The Big Fat Ukrainian One

A wintery UK wedding isn't quite the Portuguese beach affair bride Georgia dreams of

First shown: Thu 19 Dec 2019 | 47 mins

19 Dec 2019: The One That's Not in Portugal

Steve's whisking bride Leona off to the luxurious setting of an old mine on their big day

First shown: Sun 3 Nov 2019 | 47 mins

3 Nov 2019: The One in an Old Mine

Sam wants a witchy do in the woods. Will his ghoulish gathering be a Halloween nightmare?

First shown: Sun 27 Oct 2019 | 47 mins

27 Oct 2019: The Halloween Special One

Jake wants the ultimate wedding knees-up. Will his festival wedding prove a headline act?

First shown: Sun 20 Oct 2019 | 47 mins

20 Oct 2019: The One at a Music Festival

Hapless Liam wants his greatest passion to take flight with a darts-inspired wedding

First shown: Sun 13 Oct 2019 | 47 mins

13 Oct 2019: The One with All the Darts

With their wedding plans leaked, Yanis and Chanise are left facing disastrous consequences

First shown: Sun 6 Oct 2019 | 47 mins

6 Oct 2019: The One with the Leak

Dean plans a series of controlled wedding disasters. Will Kayleigh see the funny side?

First shown: Sun 29 Sep 2019 | 47 mins

29 Sep 2019: The Totally Disastrous One

Ash wants the Most Romantic Wedding ever, but Vicki shuns anything corny. Problem?

First shown: Sun 22 Sep 2019 | 47 mins

22 Sep 2019: The Most Romantic One Ever

Self-conscious Richard plans a first-class trip for bride Latrice

First shown: Sun 15 Sep 2019 | 47 mins

15 Sep 2019: The One on a Train

Rugby-loving Wes plans the biggest wedding ever in front of 26,000 people at a rugby match

First shown: Sun 8 Sep 2019 | 47 mins

8 Sep 2019: The One at a Rugby Match

Fantasy fan Evan plans to wage war on his wedding day...

First shown: Sun 1 Sep 2019 | 47 mins

1 Sep 2019: The Battle Re-enactment One

Excitable groom Jonny plans an adrenaline-fuelled wedding for bride-to-be Kate

First shown: Mon 7 Jan 2019 | 47 mins

7 Jan 2019: The Adventure Sports One

Is Kain shooting himself in the foot planning a gangster-themed wedding?

First shown: Wed 14 Nov 2018 | 47 mins

14 Nov 2018: The One with the Bride Kidnap

Reece plans a wedding with an army twist. Will he get his marching orders?

First shown: Wed 7 Nov 2018 | 47 mins

7 Nov 2018: The One with the Helicopter

Nathan's got a spooky surprise up his sleeve for unsuspecting bride Jenna

First shown: Wed 31 Oct 2018 | 47 mins

31 Oct 2018: The Day of the Dead One

Calvin the over-enthusiastic groom plans a monster Scottish wedding at Loch Ness

First shown: Wed 24 Oct 2018 | 47 mins

24 Oct 2018: The One with Nessie