It's double the fun, as couples come together to host dinner parties in an exciting twist for the popular competitive dining show


In the West Country, Sam and his wife Kate take on Aron and Kath, and Colin and Kate

First shown: Wed 12 Feb 2020 | 45 mins

Wed 12 Feb 2020: West Country

In Aberdeen, Nicola and her boyfriend Russell take on Megan and Sean, and Claire and Gerry

First shown: Tue 11 Feb 2020 | 45 mins

Tue 11 Feb 2020: Aberdeen

In the North East, Lynne and Ian take on newly-weds Jess and Connor, and Tom and Sam

First shown: Mon 10 Feb 2020 | 45 mins

Mon 10 Feb 2020: North East

In Nottingham, Omer and his wife Adeeba take on Bobby and Alison, and Liz and Stuart

First shown: Thu 6 Feb 2020 | 46 mins

Thu 6 Feb 2020: Nottingham

In Brighton, Geoff and Paula take on competitive Richard and Jade, and Bonny and Dave

First shown: Wed 5 Feb 2020 | 45 mins

Wed 5 Feb 2020: Brighton

In Cardiff, first-time hosts Abi and Jake take on Ashleigh and Jack, and Karen and James

First shown: Tue 4 Feb 2020 | 46 mins

Tue 4 Feb 2020: Cardiff

In East Anglia, competitive Kim and Martin take on Debbie and Richard, and Jamie and Mark

First shown: Mon 3 Feb 2020 | 45 mins

Mon 3 Feb 2020: East Anglia

In Glasgow, Melanie and David take on two Kennys, and Ami and her husband Stuart

First shown: Fri 31 Jan 2020 | 46 mins

Fri 31 Jan 2020: Glasgow

In Essex, Karen and Paul take on Lucy and her partner Paul, and Pat and her husband Tino

First shown: Thu 30 Jan 2020 | 45 mins

Thu 30 Jan 2020: Essex

In north London, Helen and David take on Vicky and Geoff, and Sara and Thierry

First shown: Wed 29 Jan 2020 | 45 mins

Wed 29 Jan 2020: North London

In Manchester, Michelle and Laura take on Rob and Emma, and Lorenzo and Katie

First shown: Tue 28 Jan 2020 | 45 mins

Tue 28 Jan 2020: Manchester

In Birmingham, Jan and Anton take on Chris and his wife Kelly, and Bally and Manjeet

First shown: Mon 27 Jan 2020 | 46 mins

Mon 27 Jan 2020: Birmingham

In Plymouth, Mena and Chris take on Vicky and Chris and Sarah and... Chris

First shown: Fri 24 Jan 2020 | 46 mins

Fri 24 Jan 2020: Plymouth

There's unimpressive beef, Korean chicken on a crumpet, and hot tub fanciness in Yorkshire

First shown: Thu 23 Jan 2020 | 45 mins

Thu 23 Jan 2020: Yorkshire

In Somerset, married couple Jacqueline and Stephen take on Jess and Fred and Rob and Simon

First shown: Wed 22 Jan 2020 | 45 mins

Wed 22 Jan 2020: Somerset

In Cardiff, newly-weds Laura and Sean are joined by Lesley and Keith, and Rachel and Lee

First shown: Tue 21 Jan 2020 | 46 mins

Tue 21 Jan 2020: Cardiff

In Glasgow, Kirsty and Alistair are joined by Adrian and Amanda, and Mark and Claire

First shown: Mon 20 Jan 2020 | 45 mins

Mon 20 Jan 2020: Glasgow

In Newcastle, Sharna and Silvar are joined by Shannon and Max, and Charlotte and Russ

First shown: Fri 17 Jan 2020 | 45 mins

Fri 17 Jan 2020: Newcastle

In East Anglia, Chris and Debbie are joined by Jake and Desiree, and Daisy and Will

First shown: Thu 16 Jan 2020 | 45 mins

Thu 16 Jan 2020: East Anglia

In Plymouth, Michelle and Shaun are joined by Amber and Lee, and retirees Adrian and Mark

First shown: Wed 15 Jan 2020 | 45 mins

Wed 15 Jan 2020: Plymouth