Mr Jolly Lives Next Door

'Dreamy Time Escorts' Rik Mayall and Ade Edmondson drunkenly accept a contract to take out Nicholas Parsons. Unfortunately the job was intended for the hit man (Peter Cook) in the next office.

The Comic Strip team have a ripping time on their summer hols

First shown: Tue 2 Nov 1982 | 30 mins

Five Go Mad in Dorset

What if there were armies from Russia and America occupying Britain?

First shown: Mon 3 Jan 1983 | 27 mins


Can a part-time hipster handle being part of the 'Beat' scene?

First shown: Mon 17 Jan 1983 | 31 mins

The Beat Generation

A day on the road with the most controversial heavy metal band in history, man

First shown: Mon 24 Jan 1983 | 30 mins

Bad News Tour

Dawn French's improbable exposé of a university course in Iron Age Living

First shown: Mon 31 Jan 1983 | 30 mins

The Summer School

Five intrepid youngsters discover that their Uncle Quentin has escaped from prison...

First shown: Wed 2 Nov 1983 | 30 mins

Five Go Mad on Mescalin

Cinema manager Terry Toadstool has a plan to watch a porno movie at 9am

First shown: Sat 7 Jan 1984 | 31 mins

Dirty Movie

A love triangle is disturbed by the arrival of an ageing rock star

First shown: Sat 14 Jan 1984 | 33 mins


Two students go to Spain to do the 'whole spaghetti western thing'

First shown: Sat 21 Jan 1984 | 38 mins

Fistful of Travellers Cheques

The story of Gino the delinquent and Angie the party girl

First shown: Sat 28 Jan 1984 | 31 mins

Gino - Full Story and Pics

A television biography of the most offensive TV star South Africa has ever produced

First shown: Sat 4 Feb 1984 | 30 mins

Eddie Monsoon - A Life?

In the not-too-distant future, the evil Slags confront the 'nice' Hawaiians

First shown: Sat 11 Feb 1984 | 31 mins


Bonehead and Foyle must save DI5 Commander Jackson's kidnapped daughter

First shown: Sat 3 Nov 1984 | 41 mins

The Bullshitters

A man brings his pretty new wife back to his ancestral home but all does not go well

First shown: Wed 1 Jan 1986 | 36 mins


A toilet paper delivery man steals a band's demo tape, then a 'mystery' band is a success

First shown: Thu 2 Jan 1986 | 34 mins

Private Enterprise

A young man from Wales's script about the miners' strike gets the Hollywood treatment

First shown: Sat 20 Feb 1988 | 59 mins

The Strike

A rock journalist reunites a band for a one-off gig. But all does not go to plan...

First shown: Sat 27 Feb 1988 | 51 mins

More Bad News

Rik and Ade accidentally accept a contract to assassinate Nicholas Parsons

First shown: Sat 5 Mar 1988 | 50 mins

Mr Jolly Lives Next Door

An illegal psychic teleportation experiment goes horribly wrong

First shown: Sat 12 Mar 1988 | 55 mins

The Yob

An ex-prisoner's new job leads him into conflict with his gangland brother

First shown: Sat 19 Mar 1988 | 53 mins

Didn't You Kill My Brother?