Gino - Full Story and Pics

The story of Gino the delinquent and Angie the party girl who, due to an excess of drink and drugs, passes out in the back of his taxi

The Comic Strip team have a ripping time on their summer hols

First shown: Tue 2 Nov 1982 | 30 mins

Five Go Mad in Dorset

What if there were armies from Russia and America occupying Britain?

First shown: Mon 3 Jan 1983 | 27 mins


Can a part-time hipster handle being part of the 'Beat' scene?

First shown: Mon 17 Jan 1983 | 31 mins

The Beat Generation

A day on the road with the most controversial heavy metal band in history, man

First shown: Mon 24 Jan 1983 | 30 mins

Bad News Tour

Dawn French's improbable exposé of a university course in Iron Age Living

First shown: Mon 31 Jan 1983 | 30 mins

The Summer School

Five intrepid youngsters discover that their Uncle Quentin has escaped from prison...

First shown: Wed 2 Nov 1983 | 30 mins

Five Go Mad on Mescalin

Cinema manager Terry Toadstool has a plan to watch a porno movie at 9am

First shown: Sat 7 Jan 1984 | 31 mins

Dirty Movie

A love triangle is disturbed by the arrival of an ageing rock star

First shown: Sat 14 Jan 1984 | 33 mins


Two students go to Spain to do the 'whole spaghetti western thing'

First shown: Sat 21 Jan 1984 | 38 mins

Fistful of Travellers Cheques

The story of Gino the delinquent and Angie the party girl

First shown: Sat 28 Jan 1984 | 31 mins

Gino - Full Story and Pics

A television biography of the most offensive TV star South Africa has ever produced

First shown: Sat 4 Feb 1984 | 30 mins

Eddie Monsoon - A Life?

In the not-too-distant future, the evil Slags confront the 'nice' Hawaiians

First shown: Sat 11 Feb 1984 | 31 mins


Bonehead and Foyle must save DI5 Commander Jackson's kidnapped daughter

First shown: Sat 3 Nov 1984 | 41 mins

The Bullshitters

A man brings his pretty new wife back to his ancestral home but all does not go well

First shown: Wed 1 Jan 1986 | 36 mins


A toilet paper delivery man steals a band's demo tape, then a 'mystery' band is a success

First shown: Thu 2 Jan 1986 | 34 mins

Private Enterprise

A young man from Wales's script about the miners' strike gets the Hollywood treatment

First shown: Sat 20 Feb 1988 | 59 mins

The Strike

A rock journalist reunites a band for a one-off gig. But all does not go to plan...

First shown: Sat 27 Feb 1988 | 51 mins

More Bad News

Rik and Ade accidentally accept a contract to assassinate Nicholas Parsons

First shown: Sat 5 Mar 1988 | 50 mins

Mr Jolly Lives Next Door

An illegal psychic teleportation experiment goes horribly wrong

First shown: Sat 12 Mar 1988 | 55 mins

The Yob

An ex-prisoner's new job leads him into conflict with his gangland brother

First shown: Sat 19 Mar 1988 | 53 mins

Didn't You Kill My Brother?