Selling Super Houses - The Trainees

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*Biographies correct at time of filming

Bobby Izzard

Age 30
Office Manager

  • Bobby works for a leading real estate firm as an Office Manager but has always wanted to work as an Estate Agent.
  • Bobby says that growing up he felt very insecure and lacked self-confidence.
  • He felt when he was younger that he did not see much gay representation to look up to in his life. He’s proud to be out and representing the community.
  • Bobby has been going out with his partner for three years they met while playing volleyball together.
  • Bobby used to work at Disneyland, he wanted to play Prince Charming but was unfortunately given the role as Chewbacca and Darth Vader.


Colin Horton

Age 31

  • Colin owns and runs a multi award-winning valuation firm. He values properties across London from £50,000 to £35million. He is a RICS accredited surveyor and works for some of the largest landowners in the UK. He also runs a property networking group which has over 200 guests at each event.
  • Colin experienced financial struggles in his family as a child and believes because of that he appreciates the value of money.
  • Colin had a difficult upbringing as his parents broke up at an early age. At a young age Colin and his mum nearly became homeless and he was tasked with getting shopping for around £2.50. Colin
  • He runs a podcast series called Candid while his other creative skills include interior design and cooking.
  • He is currently in a relationship and is looking to move in with his partner soon.
  • He collects Rolex and Panerai watches and loves sports cars.


David Vaughan

Age 41
Marketing Manager & Writer

  • David has had various careers through his life, but predominantly he has worked in marketing for music and football. Within these roles, he has had to pitch and sell a lot on big platforms trying to sell products and gain sponsorships.
  • He is currently single and has no children as living an entrepreneurial lifestyle hasn’t left him a huge amount of time to settle down.
  • David is a fully trained personal trainer and football coach and which has taken him to work in the USA and China. He started his marketing career in Beijing.
  • He has written a children's book which he has started a Crowdfunder for to try and get launched and published.
  • David believes that he will bring his cheeky chappy personality to the process and isn’t one to butt heads with people but will put them in their place if they are derogatory in anyway.


Mairead Doyle

Age 28
London, originally Dublin
Former Executive Assistant

  • Mairead recently quit as an Executive Assistant in a hedge fund as she started travelling out to LA with her husband, Aaron, who is a successful actor in shows such as Brassic and War of The Worlds.
  • Mairead would love to make a success of herself, instead of being in the shadow of her husband and believes this opportunity is ideal for her as she adores property.
  • Mairead is originally from Dublin but felt that she needed to get out so moved to London.
  • She is the middle child out of five, with three other sisters. Life was competitive in her household.
  • Mairead wants to find a base for her and her husband to live to start a career and a family and she believes London could be that place.


Pamela Mlunjwana

Age 32
Eyewear Designer

  • Pamela is an eyewear and resort wear designer. She started her business during lockdown.
  • Her previous experience includes selling windows and selling makeup in Harrods. She believes when money is involved, she is extremely competitive.
  • Pamela is originally from Zimbabwe, where her home life included maids and chefs. When sanctions were placed on Zimbabwe, she and her family moved over to the UK when she was 11 years old.
  • To support her family, Pamela’s mother became a carer in the UK, but now owns a caring company. Pamela idolises her mother as an independent woman and only dreams of being like her.
  • Pamela is a single mum with a young daughter, who she wants to be able to provide for.


Raabia Ahmed

Age 28
Customer Complaints Executive

  • Raabia has a First Class Law degree and worked in the legal field for many years before deciding she found it boring. She now works in Customer Complaints for a bank where she investigates bank accounts and deals with enquiries.
  • Raabia is a proud Muslim woman who comes from a very large family. She firmly believes that Pakistani woman are not represented on TV enough and wants to change that.
  • In her spare time, Raabia loves to glam up and go out to high end restaurants with friends for food.
  • Raabia has three siblings and claims to be the forgotten child who became very independent doing her own thing.
  • She will stop at nothing to win and will more than happily step on toes to get to the top.



Rasa Bagdonaviciute

Age 34
Casino Concierge

  • Rasa has been a casino concierge for the last 10 years, liaising with clients gambling with high stakes.
  • Rasa believes she has the ultimate sales job as she is selling the opportunity to lose money.
  • Rasa grew up in Lithuania but had dreams of moving away. She became very independent and took up singing and dancing as hobbies to get out of the house.
  • She then became a popular popstar in Lithuania, but she realised this dream wasn’t going to be forever.
  • Rasa moved to Dubai and was asked to work in Real Estate, in which she worked for a short time, loved the job but didn’t enjoy Dubai so she moved to England.
  • Her dream would be to earn enough money to be able to move her mum over from Lithuania to live with her in London.



Stacey MacLeod

Age 32
Wedding Photographer

  • Stacey has her own photography business, where she regularly photographs weddings.
  • She lives with her 1-year-old daughter on the outskirts of Glasgow.
  • Stacey was diagnosed with vascular malformation which is an abnormal development of blood vessels. She needs crutches to help her walk but does not want her disability to stop her from reaching her goals.
  • Stacey would love to be a role model to people that are in the similar situation as herself to show that what you see as impossible is possible.
  • Stacey has a very close family who live just down the road, they have supported her through everything she does.