Celebrity SAS - Saira


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Why did you sign up to this show?

I signed up to this show because I was one of those audience members that watches from the comfort of our sofas and goes, "Oh my God, I can't believe they couldn't do that!”, and then my kids will go, "Well, why don't you try and have a go mummy? Do you think you can do it?" And I thought, "Yeah, if it comes along, I'll do it.” And guess what? It came along. I think I was at the point in my life where I just thought, "You know what? I love a challenge. I come from a challenge reality background, I know this is totally different, but I'm always up for proving myself. This is the perfect fit. I think I'm fit enough. I think I'm brave enough. Go on, girl, put your money where your mouth is and give it a go." It was all of those wrong reasons!

Did you do any prep before you went out there?

100%. Yes. I think it was very difficult because of COVID, so gyms were closed, but I went on holiday to France for two weeks and I did some spartan training with this amazing fitness guy. So I did train and I did the best that I could really in the circumstances that were COVID and lockdown.

How would you rate your mental strength going into the course?

I think I was probably one of the strongest mentally. I was going in there with a real life experience. I have been through a lot of trauma growing up. I had a very violent dad who I loved dearly, but he put us through physical trauma, mental trauma, and I would say that I was one of the fittest mentally in there. I think I was asked the question what do you fear? And the thing is, I don't fear anything. I am actually quite fearless, so that side of things didn't really worry me too. Somebody shouting obscenities in my face 24 hours is not something I'm afraid of.

What was it like being screamed at by the DS?

You know what? They didn't instil fear in me. I knew that what they wanted to see of me was me at my best and to show them that I was listening. I think what I really likes about them, they're very cultured. They have been to parts of the world, they understand what cultures are like, they understand and have seen what most people will never see in a lifetime and they've had to survive. To me, that is pure and utter admiration. I respected every single one of them.

What was it like having to strip on that first day?

I didn't really feel vulnerable. For me, it was a job. I was prepared for the worst and to take my clothes off and get changed was not a big deal. It was bloody cold. I remember helping Ulrika. She was so cold and helping her get her bra off because her hands are shaking. But that, for me, I just put myself into that situation thinking, "If this was real and I had to do what they want, I've got to do it.”

In one challenge you’re given a rifle and told to rescue a hostage, how did you find that?

I have actually got a phobia of guns. When my kids were little, they would have these Nerf guns. I literally was like, "You can't have a Nerf gun. You can't." I have physically got a phobia. When they put that gun in my hand, my brain just went to mush. I didn't know what the fuck he was telling me. I didn't have an idea. And I just went, "Just get it over and done with." I just shot it. I didn't even listen. I didn't do very well in that particular task.