Meet The Brides - Series 10

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Executive Assistant

Growing up in Utah, Alyssa was raised a Mormon, and family is a huge part of her life. None more so than her two-year-old son who she prioritises over all else – including finding love.

Alyssa has been single for 12 months since her seven-year marriage ended - so walking down the aisle again is slightly more daunting, but Alyssa is hopeful of finding love once more.

Although Alyssa seems as bubbly as her home baked Instagram -worthy recipes, she has a bossy side and a tendency to dig her heels in even when she knows she’s wrong.


Online Beauty Educator

Outspoken and confident, Bronte loves to love. While used to getting a lot of attention from men, Bronte constantly finds herself in ‘situationships’ which usually end in heartbreak.

Too many experiences with hurt and betrayal have left Bronte with trust issues - something her family are constantly on the lookout to protect her from. Putting her faith in the MAFS experts, Bronte hopes she can learn to open her heart again.

Bronte is attracted to the Alpha male and wants someone who can hold a conversation. With a lot of love and affection to give, she wants to spoil her man. Bronte believes there must be someone out there for her.


Makeup Artist

Caitlin is a hopeless romantic. She’s that funny and self-deprecating “relationship girl” who admits to falling very hard, very fast, but always for the worst men.

Makeup artist by day and nightclub host by night, Caitlin is always surrounded by people. But she admits to being a true homebody who would much rather hang out with her cat and play video games with her dad than be out clubbing.

With high standards and unwilling to settle for anything less than she deserves, Caitlin has struggled to find someone remotely close to her forever person. She’s chosen a solo life after dating too many “douchebags with big egos”, but after two years of no intimacy she’s looking to the experts for an intervention.


Kindergarten Assistant

Loud, direct, vivacious and energetic, Claire was raised in a Greek household. Her parents are divorced and she is extremely close to her grandparents, who are the result of an arranged marriage. Now she wants to be the one in the third generation to “make it” in love.

Claire is a car fanatic with a tomboy attitude and loves all things adventurous. But she also has a softer side and cares deeply for those she loves. Spiritual and self- reflective, she loves her crystals and knows her way around an astrology chart

Claire is looking for a soul mate she can have kids and grow old with. Her ideal man is playful, sexy, and someone who can match her passion and love for a deep and meaningful chat.


Beauty Influencer

Direct, self-assured and driven, Janelle grew up in a very strict and tight Singaporean Chinese family with high expectations. Janelle is incredibly close to her siblings and parents, who are still happily married, so she is always keen for her family to love and approve of her partner.

Janelle never dates casually. Managing her auto immune disease, lupus, means her biological clock ticks louder than for many women nearing thirty so she feels pressure to have kids sooner than later. Janelle says she’s bossy, clingy, short-tempered and “ridiculously picky” when it comes to men, finding any reason for confrontation.

Janelle is sick of settling for men who are not good enough for her - she wants to be the one doing the reaching in a relationship.



Living with cystic fibrosis, Lyndall never thought she’d make it to 30, let alone marriage and children, so she didn’t prioritise any long-term plans. But thanks to new medicine that has dramatically extended her life expectancy, Lyndall has a renewed outlook on finding love.

After living with such major physical restrictions all her life, Lyndall has now become a risk-taker who grabs every moment by the horns - and her match needs to live his life the same way.

Opinionated and fierce, Lyndall stands up for what she thinks is right and isn’t afraid of confrontation. She will always seek justice, no matter the cost. Lyndall wants to make up for lost time, to experience everything that life and love has to offer - all the things she never thought she could one day enjoy.


CEO, Fashion & Beauty

Alpha female Melinda is a confident and sassy businesswoman who doesn’t suffer fools. She is the centre of attention in any room and people can find her looks and intelligence intimidating. But while Melinda has no problems attracting men, the right kind of men always seem to elude her.

Beneath her tough exterior, Melinda is very emotional and admits to picking fights in a relationship when she gets bored or insecure about not being number one.

With high expectations and a lot to lose, Melinda wants an ambitious man who is equally business-minded, understands her lifestyle and won’t be clingy – but he must be patient.



At the age of 41, Melissa believes this is her final shot at looking for real love. While she has no problems meeting men, she craves a long-term relationship Melissa’s 10-year marriage ended several years ago, and she co-parents her son. Life as a hairdresser is social and busy, but Melissa is not meeting the man of her dreams at school pickup.

Melissa has a huge heart, and after kissing a lot of frogs she is now looking for Prince Charming – or better yet, Thor! Upbeat, charismatic, cheeky, and flirtatious, Melissa is very comfortable with her sexuality and expects her man to keep up.


Dental Hygienist

In her mid-thirties, Sandy has never been in a serious relationship. Growing up as an Indian woman born in Australia, Sandy’s parents were keen to uphold the traditional values of Indian culture. She had limited exposure to the opposite sex – she was not allowed to mix with boys and had no male friends. She also went to an all-girls school and studied dental nursing with women.

Sandy struggles with insecurities that come with the lack of dating experience and the fear of being used for “one thing”. Now she wants to fast-track her experience with someone who can respect her boundaries and help her overcome these fears.

With her parents still happily together in an arranged marriage, Sandy believes the MAFS experiment could work for her. She’s trusting the experts to match her with someone compassionate, who she hopes to share a beautiful wedding with.


PR Manager

Fast-talking, passionate and bubbly, Tahnee goes a million miles an hour, but when it comes to love she’s all steamed out. 

Contrary to her generation, Tahnee is sick of dating apps - the shallow swipe-right culture that results in “situationships” based on looks and no real connection. Having grown up being the awkward teenager, Tahnee now gets attention from guys, but they’re still not asking her out and she’s left wondering what she’s doing wrong.

She may work in a high-pressure position, but Tahnee is not high maintenance. As her favourite thing to do is cook food from their national cuisine with her mum, the quickest way to Tahnee's heart is with some Thai cooking - takeaway can suffice - and a simple but thoughtful date. Proud of her heritage and her professional successes in life, Tahnee is hopeful that the experts can help her tick true love off her bucket list.