Kylie Secret Night

Kylie’s Secret Night: Interview with Kylie Minogue

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Channel 4, Christmas Day, 10.30pm

Tell us a bit about what we can expect from Kylie’s Secret Night. How hard was it to keep it secret?

Kylie’s Secret Night is pretty much a party with plenty of surprises thrown in.  For a start, none of the audience had a clue they were to be part of a show like this.  I surprised a bunch of fans and they had their share of surprises for me also.  I performed five songs with my band and had a ball with the gorgeous and hilarious Alan Carr.

Why did you want to do something like this?

It was a wonderful way to wrap up what has been a celebratory year for me. A chance to acknowledge thirty plus years together and share some of the moments that have connected us.  

The moment where you appear on stage to surprise your fans is visibly emotional. There are plenty of tears. That must have been quite something to be part of?

Yes, the build-up, the anticipation.  The first time they saw me was the first time I saw them! The reaction was so joyful and straight away I thought, were in for a fun night.  I also thought, they have NO IDEA how much more is to come.

You have some amazing – and very dedicated fans, several of who we hear from on the night. What’s the best gift a fan has given you? Or the most unexpected?

I’ve been given all sorts of things, but I can’t think of anything TOO crazy!  I always love to see handwritten notes, especially from the kids.  Inevitably I’m in a sparkly dress holding a giant microphone!

There’s a hilarious taxi share sketch in which some very shocked people end up in a taxi with you and you’re only allowed to do and say whatever Alan tells you do. How on earth did you manage to keep a straight face?

As you can imagine, that wasn’t easy. I think I managed to say everything, some of it with a lot of badgering from Alan! Then, there was the handbag with plenty of unexpected items in it, most of them hilarious and embarrassing. I was so relieved when the cars stopped, and Alan appeared so I could explain what had just happened. I was so quick to apologise for being so weird!

You’ve had an incredible year – a smash hit world tour, your Glastonbury Legends Slot triumph and now this. What’s next for you (apart from a well-deserved rest)?

Hahaha. Yes, a rest will definitely do me the world of good! After that I’ll mostly be writing and prepping for the next album. It’s been such an inspiring year and I think that both me and my audience are ready for some new music. Let’s see where the journey takes us next!

What does Christmas look like in the Minogue household?

A lovely kind of chaos!  An Aussie Christmas usually involves a barbecue, plus more food, a swim, a nap and repeat!  

What was the best Christmas gift you received as a child?

When I was about 9 years old, I remember being over the moon to get a doll’s pram and a camera for Christmas.  My favourite Christmas memories are from around this time.  We lived in a cul de sac where there were lots of other young families.  We all had our six-week summer holidays over Christmas so there was a lot of roller-skating, BMX or Dragster bikes and endless hours in the pool.

What would you leave underneath the tree for Alan?

Haha!  Good question!  Let me think about that.  I need to pay him back for what was in my prop handbag!

Do you prefer a snowy (or rainy) Christmas in England or a sunny Australian one? Pigs in blankets or a BBQ on the beach?

I’ve become accustomed to a British Christmas and I have to say, a cold festive season definitely has its charm.  Its very romantic!  That said, I love to have the Christmas of my childhood with a hot Australian Chrissy!