Kylie’s Secret Night: Interview with Alan Carr

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Channel 4, Christmas Day, 10.30pm

Tell us a bit about Kylie’s Secret Night. How hard was it to keep it secret?

So hard! It was given the name ‘Operation K’ and everyone was sworn to secrecy. It was genuinely nerve-wracking. I really didn’t want to be the one who blabbed and let the cat out of the bag, so I stopped drinking white wine just in case. I’m known to be a bit of a gossip on the old Pinot. I don’t know how spies do it!

The moment where Kylie appears on stage to surprise her fans is quite something. It must have been a wonderful moment to witness especially as many of the audience were visibly emotional. How did you feel being a part of that moment? 

Oh, it was great the audience’s reaction was amazing. Some fans just burst into tears - I was just so relieved because Operation K was finally over and could talk openly about it.

Were you a fan of Kylie’s growing up? Was it her music? Neighbours? Or something else entirely?

I’ve always been a Kylie fan. She has just always been in everyone’s life from Neighbours to her Glastonbury appearance this year. I can’t remember a time when she wasn’t around.

Do you remember the first time you met Kylie? Can you tell us a bit about it?

It was backstage at the Aphrodite World Tour - it was such an amazing show! Me and my partner Paul got our coats to go and then we got a tap on the shoulder and were told ‘Min’ would like to invite us backstage, which really was the icing on the cake. We were whisked into her dressing room which I remember smelt so gorgeous and she was super friendly and gave me a hug and said, ‘would you like a glass of champagne doll?’

You manage, with some gentle encouragement, to get Kylie to finally reveal what her favourite of her own tracks is (no spoilers!) Do you have a favourite?

 So many! I love Slow, its such a sexy song and the video’s not bad either. If Im doing housework, then I’ll pop on the Aphrodite album as background music - there’s not a bad song on it. Get Outta My Way is good for dusting.

There’s a hilarious taxi share sketch in which some very shocked people end up in a taxi with Kylie and she’s only allowed to do and say what you tell her through an earpiece. She copes admirably! Were you surprised at how well she does?

Yes! She jumped right in, didn’t she? It was hysterical seeing Kylie saying some very unKylie things - it really does mess with your head seeing her swig from a bottle of gin and talking filth!

Kylie appeared on Chatty Man several times and a particular highlight was when she taught you to ‘Sexercise’ on an inflatable ball. Were they any other standout moments you remember fondly?

Like I said, I had met her before but to get her as a guest on my chat show was a real honour. Before she had been on the show Kylie (well, ok her people but it’s the thought that counts!) had sent me Kylie candles, albums, duvets and bedspreads as gifts to the office so I knew it was only a matter of time before her cute little bum was sitting on the Chatty Man sofa.

Kylie has had an incredible year – a smash hit world tour, her Glastonbury triumph and now this. What do you think she should do next? 

That’s tough! How can you top Glastonbury? I don’t know, maybe some acting - I could really see her doing a musical or a biopic of a singing star.

What does Christmas look like in the Carr household?

Pure excess! Paul always goes over the top. A huge tree, fairy lights, baubles, if it doesn’t move, he wraps tinsel round it, you name it - even the dogs have personally named stockings on the fireplace.

How were your Christmases growing up? Any unwanted presents? Or anything you really wanted and never got?

I had great Christmases in Northampton growing up - I got spoilt rotten by my folks although some of my Dad’s friends really didn’t get the memo - football annuals, A Question Of Sport boardgame, a history of Lancashire Cricket Club – you’re alright thanks!

What’s on your Christmas list this year?

 A chance to put my feet up and a large glass of red wine by the fire - that is all I want right now. I’m very easily pleased. We were spoilt last year because we had TV presenter Angelica Bell and Michael Underwood and their kids round for Christmas, and Angelica, who won Master Chef, is, as you can imagine, the most amazing cook and cooked Christmas dinner and the most delicious pavlova. I still dream about that foo. This year it’s me cooking and I just know I can’t live up to last year. The pressure is killing me.

What would the ideal Christmas TV schedule look like to you? Is there anything this year you’re particularly looking forward to? Apart from Kylie’s Secret Night of course!

We tend to settle down and watch a black and white film preferably with a Christmas film but last year it all went a bit off topic, and we ended up watching The Meg which is probably the least Christmassy film ever. Nothing says Christmas more than a giant prehistoric shark eating people off the coast of China. Odd choice but entertaining nevertheless.

What would you leave underneath the tree for Kylie? 

A nice Whiskey - I know she likes a wee dram.

Apart from Kylie, who would be your dream celebrity to host a Secret Night for?

Although keeping it a secret nearly killed me I would do it again in a heartbeat. Rihanna or Lady Gaga would be top of the list - who knows?

Finally, what can you tell us about what 2020 holds for you?

RuPaul’s Drag Race has been recommissioned which I’m very excited about. I’m bringing back Bullseye, Play Your Cards Right, The Price Is Right, Strike It Lucky, Take Your Pick - they’ll be on Saturday night this coming spring. My movie show There’s Something About Movies is back for a third series and I’m doing a stand-up tour - see I told you a needed a rest!