Junior Bake Off - Heat B

Junior Bake Off: Bakers' Biogs (Heat B)

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Dru, 15


Dru first started baking at seven years old after spending time at home to recover from an operation. Completely self-taught, she now specialises in eye-catching cakes and brownies, with intricate decoration that she shows off when sharing her bakes with her fellow girl guides. Inspired by her Caribbean heritage, Dru likes to incorporate coconut, vanilla and spices into her baking. Dru lives with her mum, dad, brother, sister and cousin in London.


Tom O, 15


Tom’s colourful and flamboyant style is inspired by his mum and grandma who taught him to bake at eight years old. His strengths lie with intricate techniques that have seen him making macarons, palmiers and beignets. Tom’s most impressive bake to date is a grand piano cake complete with fondant piano keys. Tom regularly plays in a local folk band who have raised over £8000 for children’s charities. He also plays trumpet in a swing band, practices Taekwondo and is learning to unicycle. Tom lives with his mum, dad and two sisters in Gloucestershire.


Eliza, 14

North Yorkshire

Eliza was introduced to baking at four years old by her gran who was famous for her strawberry and cream sponges. Her adventurous and meticulous style has seen her create drip cakes, gingerbread houses and a cake that featured her dad reclining on a sofa. Eliza regularly creates her own flavour combinations and recipes. She is keen to combine a love of animals with a love of science by becoming a vet. She currently has a cat, two degu, nine fish and two snails. She lives with her mum, dad and younger sister in North Yorkshire.


Finley, 13


Finley has been baking for less than a year, but after teaching himself with YouTube videos and books it now fills most of his time. Finley’s eye for detail sees him creating cakes and pastries that are decorated with a professional finish, such as his ombre chocolate cake with meringue buttercream and chocolate collar. He lives in Manchester with his mum, dad, older sister and three dogs.


Jaya, 10


Jaya lives with her mum, dad and little brother in Solihull. She began baking cupcakes with her gran at six years old. Jaya likes to use her Indian heritage by incorporating spices into her bakes and making Indian flatbreads, but her signature bake is a chocolate cookie dough cake. Jaya is part of a Bollywood dance troop and competes as part of her school swimming team.


Karina, 13

West Yorkshire

Karina began baking at ten years old in school but developed her ‘wacky’ style at home with her mum. With a love of biscuits, cakes and ganache drips, Karina’s signature bake is her grandad’s favourite shortbread. She also likes to draw on her knowledge of Indian flavours when making chapatis with her grandma. A black belt in Taekwondo, Karina also plays tennis, cricket, rounders and can do more than five backflips in a row.


Kian, 13


Kian lives with his mum, dad and younger brother in Hull. Taught by his grandma, Kian started baking at 11 years old. He likes to give his celebration cakes the ‘wow-factor’ with intricate fondant work, and recently made his Aunt’s wedding cake. Kian’s love for art helps him to design his bakes and he aspires to combine these skills with his love of drama by becoming a set and prop designer.


Lorien, 9


Lorien learnt to bake with her mum and gran six years ago, and now bakes three times a week on her own. She uses advanced flavours such as pistachio and rose in her cakes, but her fun and playful style comes out when creating marshmallow snowmen at Christmas and edible eyeballs at Halloween. Lorien’s love of art also extends to her other hobbies which include painting, drawing, sculpture and pottery. She also trains in contemporary dance and has achieved grade four in ballet. Lorien lives with her mum, dad and older brother in London.


Sam, 9


Triplet Sam has been helping his mum in the kitchen since he was young and now strives to bake as much as he possibly can. Sam has a passion for making bread, especially his signature plaited loaf inspired by his Polish heritage. Sam regularly makes special bakes including meringue kisses for his sister who has quadriplegic cerebral palsy. Sport lover Sam plays cricket, tennis, football and rugby, and is part of his school chess team. Sam lives with his mum, brother, sister and hamster, Samantha.


Tom W, 13


Tom began baking at eight years old when taught by his mum. After learning to make bread with his nan and becoming fascinated by the science of bread, Tiger rolls are now Tom’s signature bake. Tom describes himself as a mad scientist in the kitchen but can present decorative bakes such as his triple layer chocolate cake when needed. Tom lives with his mum, dad, brother and sister in Falmouth. He plays football, badminton, cricket and loves paddle boarding.